Nov 7, 2005
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Good game guys. I know it has been a rough year, but I have a ton of respect for the Packers and their fans. I know you guys won't be down long. Anyway, I write poems after Steeler victory and thought I would share. I'm honestly not trying to be a troll, just posting it for fun. Good luck the rest of the way.

From historic Lambeau Field, in the city of Green Bay,
The Packers and Steelers were set, for an inter-conference display;
The Steelers won the toss, and things started out swell,
As they picked up 43 yards, on a reverse to Randle-El;

After a nice screen pass to Parker, the drive would then stall,
Reed was in for a field goal, and through the uprights went the ball;
The Packers ‘O’ took over, and they immediately started to stumble,
And on their 3rd play from scrimmage, Polamalu recovered a fumble;

But the Packer ‘D’ stood tough, as they simply would not recede,
And the Steelers were forced to settle, for another field goal from Jeff Reed;
The Steelers led 6-0, but the Packers offense answered the bell,
After several nice runs by Gado, they got three off the foot of Longwell;

The Packers were getting pumped, as the game was showing promise,
Things got even better for the Pack, as Batch was picked off by Thomas;
But what happened next to the Packers, was probably tough to swallow,
Favre is hammered by McFadden, and the ball is picked up by Polamalu;

Troy took it 77 yards for the score, after he picked up a great block by McFadden,
I’m sure this upset the President of Favre’s fan club, commen-tator John Madden;
The Packers then engineered a long drive, to the hometown fans delight,
But happiness turned to sorrow, when Longwell’s kick sailed wide to the right;

That took the game to the half, the Steelers were leading by ten,
But the offense just isn’t the same, when it isn’t led by Ben;
“We do not lose at homeâ€


Jun 6, 2005
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Newark, Delaware
I was about to rag on you, to be perfectly honest, about having too much time on your hands. Then I read the last stanza.....nice tribute!

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