Is a Rebuild Possible in 2023


Dec 16, 2021
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Yeah as really everybody and everything changed when the team had to cater over to Rodgers needs. But really think now that they are going to have Jordan Love as a QB now. Just hope that it will be about players being team players not me guys. Rodgers will be in the H.O.F. but fame and fortune really as with most players, corrupts you and makes you have an ego.

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Not this year, at least as far as free agency is concerned. That is likely due to the Pack being up against the cap.

The Packers currently have more cap space than most other teams in the league.

Did you not know? It wasn’t just the entire Coaching staff it was also 9 starting players left from that Offense.

What do you think would happen with say… Aaron Rodgers is he stayed but we scrapped his entire Offense for newbies and brought in an entirely new system and coaches? You can’t tell me that wouldn’t affect him. Heck look at what just 1 WR did to Aaron. He looked like a lost Puppy. Double digit INT and one of his single worst seasons in his career.

But you think a College Junior QB Would’nt be affected by the entire team change?? Hmmmm
I’ve been played like a fiddle!
I just got this huge puzzle chunk piece and I am so stupid!
You knew this all along. Brilliantly played!

Once again, I don't consider the coaching staff and starters on offense being changed as a valid reason for Love to throw more interceptions than any other quarterback in the FBS while playing in the Mountain West conference. It's fine if you disagree with me about it but in my opinion it's a reason for concern.

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That's only because the cap hit for the inevitable Rodgers trade hasn't hit yet. Once he gets traded and the cap dollars hit, that will get eaten up by a lot.

Even after Rodgers gets traded only 10 teams will have more cap space than the Packers. That's if it happens before June 1. If the transaction is completed after that they will have the second most cap space for the upcoming season.