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Good Luck Packers fans!!

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by bornnraisedwhodat, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. bornnraisedwhodat

    bornnraisedwhodat Cheesehead

    Jan 28, 2011
    Hello Pack fans!

    Saints fan here. Tons of respect for the fans and your franchise. Just here to wish you guys luck. Nothing like the feeling of your team going to the Super Bowl. It was a great experience for us last year. Wish we could have done it again this year, but injuries and fatigue just caught up with us. I was hoping the NFC Championship game would come down to Saints vs. Packers, unfortunately we didn't do our part.

    Loved how you guys str8 shredded the Falclown!!! Me and my girl was in the hour hootin and hollering like it was the Saints laying the beat down!! As you know, we HATE the Falcons!

    Anyway, how do you guys think you will fair against the Steelers? Real good team right there, but I think you guys are built to stop them.

    We played them on Halloween night, and was able to hold them to 10 points (with all our starters injured in our secondary) and limit their run game. So you guys should be able to handle them with ease with your defense. Steelers Oline is not to good, so you will get to Ben, you just got to get that big son of ***** down on the ground, which is hard...as evident from this picture:



    Obviously, with the Steelers, its all about their defense. Your not going to run on them. It's just not going to happen. They are just flat out stout against the run. You wanna atleast attempt, but most likely it will be for little or no gain.
    What we did against them was to use the short quick passes as long hand offs. Just quick slants and screens to your RB's and tight ends just to move the chains. Also, spread em out. This will keep Troy P. deep in the secondary. He is a great player, but it seems like he has lost a step with his injury. Seems a tad slower..but he is still dangerous. Brees manipulated him a lot with his eyes and made Troy guess wrong. Steelers CB's are decent, but not great like you guys. They can been exposed easily.

    The problem with the Steelers is they don't give up much YAC. They tackle so well. So receivers have to make sure they catch the ball and secure because a Steeler is not to far away to pop you.

    Like I said, you guys are built to be them. Teams with a very good QB, and are deep WR core that's able to spread out a defense have had success against the Steeler. So I strongly believe you guys will be having a Lombardi Gras come the next few weeks!

    Good luck folks!

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