Packer team plane to carry supplies for hurricane victims


Feb 1, 2005
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The game on Thursday night is the last thing on the minds of a lot of people . The Packer team plane going down for the game vs the Titans on Thursday will carry food , water , generators and other supplies for the hurricane victims in Mississippi . Favre wanted to drive a truck full of supplies down there after they got to Nashville , but with many of the roads impassable and airports closed , he reconsidered . They will unload the supplies in Nashville and the supplies will get down south by a waiting truck . Favre , Walker and linebacker Ray Thompson have family in Mississippi . This is a great humanitary gesture on part of the Packer organization and the players . I hope more of the million $ pro teams and players and Hollywood actors and other big companys will follow suit .

Lets all say a prayer tonight for the hurricane victims .


Aug 16, 2005
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I dont want favre to play at all.

1. last preseason game, and favre has looked great.
2. his head isnt in it, so let rodgers and them prove their worth
3. no freak preseason injury, for the love of GOD.

Raider Pride

Jul 18, 2005
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Portland, OR Local Packer Fans P.M me.
I am sure that those of you who know me know that I am a Brett fan, however I have to question his leadership and or intelligence in this situation.

Brett has the moneies to do anything he wants. It was obvious that this was a monster storm heading right toward his family. He has a 90 year old Grandmother, Mother, Brothers and family sitting in the path of this monster and they all choose to stay there?

Personally, If I was Brett I would have read them the riot act, I would have had a "Come to Jesus meeting with them", I would have hired a chopper to land outside the family home and pick them up,

Now... There are going to be some people on this forum who are going to trash me for questioning anything Brett does, but this is freaking reality.

Do not jump on my *** Brett Fans... I am just asking the question. WHY LEAVE YOUR FAMILY SITTING THERE?

He should have taken charge, and got them out of there.

The reason most people were riding out the storm was they had no other way to get out.

Brett had the means and ability to take charge and get his family out of this path of destruction 5 hours before the disaster hit.

Seeing him in the press conference explain how his 90 year old Grand Mother was being raised to the roof as the water was raising made me sick. He explained how close the home was to the Gulf.

The man has Millions Of Dollars, he is a leader I would hope that his kin would listen to and even if they did not, I would have did what it took to get them out of there.

Brett is thankful that they are all alive. He should be ashamed he did not take control of the game of life in the red zone in this situation.

I love the way he takes chances on the field. I love the way he can take any hit and get back up. I do not respect that he could think his 90 year old Grand Mother has the same ability that he does.

Personally, I would have had her out of there regardless of how she felt about her options. He had plenty of time to do the right thing.


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