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Jul 18, 2005
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Portland, OR Local Packer Fans P.M me.
Here is the question?

It is all about winning the Super Bowl I am sure you will agree.

Which fans are hurting worse right now?

Patriot Fans or Packer Fans?

The Patriot fans expected a Super Bowl shot. The Patriots were favorites going into the season, they won three of the last four Super Bowls, and every fan wanted them to win THREE in a row which would have given them something special. The loss of Charlie to Notre Dame, and injuries have the Patriot fans suffering.

Then there are the Packer Fans. 1 and 7 is so ugly especially with Brett as the QB, the injuries to a very good WR and RB set up going into this season before injuries. The Packer fans are suffering as well.

For Pat fans 4 and 4 with the Colts at 8 and 0, may be as bad for a Patriot fan becuase of the expectations they had as 1 and 7 is for a Packer fan with the expectations they had?

I have no idea what the anwer is... Depends on the individual fan and the fan group as a whole?

The question is.... which fan base is suffering more THIS YEAR?

The Packers? or the Pats?

I do know this though.... Both fan bases have suffered for the last 8 weeks. The Pats chances of turning it around and making a run at the Super Bowl is FAR greater than the Packers chances.

Heretofre as far as FUTURE happiness probability is concerned the Pat's fans should want to win every game for the rest of the season.

The Packer fans should say ok I will take another 8 weeks of misery to get one of the top two picks IN EVERY ROUND OF THIS DRAFT that we have picks.

It is kind of like chosing to end your season and go under the knife for surgery so you can come back stronger next year or to try to play the season out with the injury and hope it works out.

Pat fans should hope their team play's the season out with the injury.

Packer fans should chose to give it up this year and go under the knife and look toward the future.



Sep 23, 2005
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I hear you but I will not start thinking about draft picks yet because this season is still not over. Yeah, it looks over and we are banged up beyond belief with a tough schedule ahead of us but what if, just what if 1. We somehow manage to sweep our four division games left ( not that crazy besides the Chicago D I am worried about ) and 2. Manage to upset a in a couple of the other games. Yeah , I know this gives us seven wins for the season but the remaining schedules for Detroit, Chicago and the Queens don't look too great either.

Hey, I am not saying it's likely.....................................but it is Possible and I am not sure top draft picks are the answer for this team either. With the way Bates has already improved the D, could you imagine what are record would be like right now with the same Offence. But correct me if I am wrong and wearing Rose tinted glasses.
Jun 6, 2005
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Toronto, Canada
As a Pack fan, I take pride in the Pack, regardless of their record. I believe that I would be more dissapointed if I was a Pats fan. I mean not only are the Pats mediocre, but the Colts being better would seem like rubing salt on a wound. For me at least, its some comfort that the Vikes are worse than ever before. :D I would say that it's not as bad for me because of a few things:

1) Yikes are more screwed than ever before, which is really saying something.
2) Lions have no QB, a WR who is injured or on a substance-abuse suspension, and not the greatest D in the world.
3) The Bears have a QB who puts up numbers that are bad even by high school standards. Their first pick rarely sees the field, even when injuries happen. Their D is the only thing that is working because Lovie Smith is a D. oriented Coach.
4) Pack do not need to be first class to win this division. They need a decent D (Which Bates has amazingly delivered) and then they need a O that is able to move the ball (Like the Offences we had in the past). Pack have all the Pieces for the O in play, WR, QB, TE... but only concerns are O-Line (hey at elast its improving) and RB (always a gem to be found out their, and you don't need the best, just on ethat fits your system ala Denver). With a decent draft, the Pack are right back into the thick of things, assuming #4 is back. This is a down year, but one shouldn't count the Pack out as long as #4 is playing.... EVER!

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