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The 2019 Dantés Draft Thread

Discussion in 'Draft Talk' started by Dantés, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Pokerbrat2000

    Pokerbrat2000 Opinions are like A-holes, we all have one.

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    Oct 30, 2012
    Madison, WI
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    Especially given the perceived need at the time as well as into the future.
  2. PikeBadger

    PikeBadger Cheesehead

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    Looks like a golden sombrero for you. I’ve done that more times than not myself.
  3. Dantés

    Dantés Gute Loot

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    Jan 21, 2017
    Packer Fan Since:
    Here are my collective thoughts on the draft class, if anyone cares:
    • 1.12- R. Gary, ED/DL, UM: I was a little crestfallen when we were on the clock. After I learned that Andre Dillard is viewed as a LT only, my cluster was Hockenson (#8), Oliver (#9), Bush (#10), and Williams (#11). So I was wide open to ideas. Given that the board was cleaned out, I have zero qualms with them taking perhaps the most talented player in the entire draft at a premium position. The lack of production is concerning, though I have heard suggestions that he chose to play through injuries in 2018 and thus was limited. I am very excited to see a sub package front of Gary - Z. Smith - Clark - P. Smith. That dog's gonna hunt.
    • 1.21- D. Savage, S, MAR: I had heard numerous reliable analysts suggest that the NFL was higher on Savage than the media in the week leading up to the draft. Thus I wasn't as surprised as some, perhaps. I didn't spend a ton of time watching the safeties in this class. I hate trying to watch safeties from a broadcast view. So I don't have dogmatic opinions about his play. But I do know he has range, ball skills, and a willingness to be a striker. Safety was the biggest hole on the roster, so I'm ok with the trade up. The rest of the league validated it when the next FS went off the board 26 picks later (and it was the Seahawks taking a guy that no one saw something, so who knows).
    • 2.44- E. Jenkins, OL, MSU: The FO did a great job disguising their interest in iOL. They signed Turner and said nice things about Taylor. Then they got Madison back and Gute said he was a great fit in the offense. So I credit them for keeping people off their scent. But I have been skeptical about Taylor in this offense since Petals was hired, so I love this pick. A "can't miss" prospect does not exist in this league (Chance Warmack was supposed to be flawless, for example), but Jenkins strikes me as about as high probability as they come.
    • 3.75- J. Sternberger, TE, TAMU: Sternberger does a lot of nice things. He has great hands in tough situations, he works the seam about as well as anyone in this class, he has some wiggle after the catch, and he came out of a pro style offense in which he was at least willing to block. All of that said, I love combo TE's who block as well as they pass. I think they add layers to the offense that more one dimensional guys cannot. So I was hoping for Kahale Warring. That being said, Sternberger has a year in our program to work on his strength and blocking. Hopefully he can get there.
    • 5.150- K. Keke, iDL, TAMU: You don't want to overhype a 5th round pick, but this was a great move if you take it in the context of being a later round guy. Keke played out of position for the sake of his team in 2018, and that may have clouded his real value if he was playing inside where he belongs. Against other interior players, he has a dangerous combination of length and athleticism (very similar to Sheldon Richardson). Keke has a real shot here to surprise some people.
    • 6.185- K. Hollman, CB, TOL: Cornerback is the most important position in a Mike Pettine defense. His goal is to find corners who can live on an island so that he can manufacture exotic pressure packages by sending lots of extra bodies. Thus as long as he is around, we should expect to see picks spent on the position, even if the room is already a little crowded. From what I've gleaned, Hollman is much more talented and skilled than a typical 6th round pick, but he's 25 and needs some seasoning, which probably explains his slide. He likely isn't here beyond his rookie deal, but could provide some quality depth over the next four season, which is great value in the 6th round if it happens.
    • 6.194- D. Williams, RB, ND: Williams was completely off my radar for the Packers as I fully expected him to go much higher than the range in which we would be looking for a running back. He's an exciting value. He has feature back size, he put some great play on tape last season, he can catch, he is very secure with the football, and he's a 70th% sparq score guy. You generally don't look for that combination so late in the draft. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up being the main complement to Jones rather than Jamaal Williams.
    • 7.226- T. Summers, LB, TCU: It's rare in my experience that you see a 7th round pick come in and immediately assume he will make the roster. But there is a wide open spot behind Martinez on the depth chart, and Summers has the size and athleticism to be a good fit. You also assume that his combination of speed and tackling will make him a real factor on special teams. Nice acquisition with the 226th pick.
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