Show him the money! (Longwell)


May 21, 2005
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North Dakota
tromadz said:
you can not be serious. His foot won us 3 games ALONE last year. This year he has a new holder (the best 3rd round pick ever, Sander) who has botched many snaps. When Sander has a QB Rating and pass attempt\completion stat, it means he's a bad holder folks. Longwell is the all-time leading scorer on the packers. He is the kicking version of Brett Favre. If we dont re-sign him, I will be very upset. People thought "Oh well he just kicks the ball" when we let Bidwell go. How did that work out? and THIS is a much more important position because this is a guy who puts points on the board. He is a wuss? He is a kicker. What is he supposed to do, go out there and tackle people(BTW he has done that too because our special teams isnt very good)

Bidwell??? How about Craig Hentrich? That was the punter that we let get away that we shouldn't have IMO.

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