Rodgers "Have faith in the organization"


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For the true record?

In 2009, Aaron Rodgers and Co. scored a Franchise record 461 points in the regular season. In achieving that, Aaron Rodgers surpassed the 1996 Packers #1 rated SB Champion Offense (456). I’d say that 100% qualifies for “carrying your team”.

To Pokers assertion, #12 has been great from the onset of his career. He did that in his 2nd year as a starter. Then to erase any doubters? He wins a SB the next season, then goes on to lead one of the most prolific Offenses in NFL history (2011). All that in 3 consecutive seasons and in his first 4 seasons as a starter.

If that’s not starting strong? I don’t know what is.

I totally agree the offense was excellent in 2009 but my point was that Rodgers didn't have to carry that team as their defense was very good as well.