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Official Game Day Thread: 49ers @ Packers 12/5: WIN 34 - 16

Discussion in 'Game Day Archive' started by ivo610, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Lunchboxer

    Lunchboxer Guest

    Hope Jenkins is okay.

    I dont want another player on IR
  2. JCpackers04

    JCpackers04 Cheesehead

    Dec 20, 2009
    Solid win.

    The D giving up a couple big plays is really my only complaint.

    Run game was pretty good, but the fact that it was the 49ers probably helped a lot in that aspect.

    Starks was pretty awesome. To me, the game against Atlanta and a couple times today, Jackson was dancing around in the backfield and ended up with either a loss or just a one yard pick up. Starks went straight for a hole for 4+ seemingly every time. I liked him.

    Rodgers was Rodgers, give him time and he is dominant. Those deep throws were spot on, beautiful.

    Crosby missing a 29 yarder really irked me, despite making his next what, three? still am not very confident with him being our kicker.

    unfortunately all the teams in the NFC playoff race have won so far, TB the only one still playing, but we took care of our business and thats all that matters i guess.

    Lions are going to be tough. They're competitors and are in just about every game until late in the fourth. I think if we play as we did today it'll be enough to win. We did beat them despite one of our worse performances this season.
  3. maxlives

    maxlives Cheesehead

    Nov 10, 2008
    In the end they did what they were supposed to do against a weaker team. Some cause for concern but I'm confident the coaches are on top of that. Running game looks much more promising with Starks. Now it gets fun with every game being a "meaningful" game.
  4. PackersRS

    PackersRS Cheesehead

    Dec 22, 2008
    Hope you're right, Kitten.
    It worries me because it's the second time in a row that the D doesn't play that well. The 49ers players left a lot on the field, the D didn't play as well as the stats indicate.

    But, yeah, when the D steps down, the O steps up. It's nice.

    And Rodgers is back to elite form. With him, we don't NEED a shutdown D.
  5. aaronqb

    aaronqb Cheesehead

    May 6, 2010
  6. IluvGB

    IluvGB I <3 Packers!!!!

    Aug 7, 2006
    Great perspective when one is down the other steps up..because thats how its really been all season!
    Here's to both O and D being "ON" next week! Can you imagine?!?!?! :neo:
  7. GreenGoldAngel

    GreenGoldAngel Banned Banned

    Oct 30, 2010
    PackersRS, you maybe right, but I reviewed the play by play of the 9er game and noticed the following:

    1) 9ers had a first down on the Packer 27, result just a field goal/

    2) After a short punt, the 9ers had a first down on the Packer 39, result just a field goal.

    3) After a punt and good return ( love the ST) 9ers start with a 1st down on Packer 46. Result punt.

    4) 9ers have a first down on on Packer 10, result field goal.

    I think that's pretty stout defense.
  8. PackersRS

    PackersRS Cheesehead

    Dec 22, 2008
    In the end, they've not allowed more than 2 passing TDs in a game, and have not yet allowed 1 rushing TD in a game.

    They lead the league in points allowed, they lead the league in opposing QB rating.

    We have a great D.

    But, like I said, they've allowed some big plays the last two games, that they weren't allowing before. If the opposition took advantage or not, it's irrelevant IMHO.

    And, yes, every D allows those, it's pratically impossible not to.

    But I seek perfection. I know this D does also, and I think they can achieve close to it.

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