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Last Activity:
Mar 3, 2012
Dec 22, 2008
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Cheesehead, from Porto Alegre, Brazil

PackersRS was last seen:
Mar 3, 2012
    1. Tim Jones
    2. guyster60
      how do i use shout box
      1. PackersRS
        Just click on Forums and it'll be there for you to type in. I do think it requires a certain minimum of posts for you to be able to use it, so keep posting on the forum and you'll be able to use it soon enough!
        Nov 28, 2011
    3. esponda1
      I already tried, but they gave me an automated answer: "We will respond if and when further information is available." But thanks for taking the time to answer!
    4. esponda1
      Hello! Sorry to bother. I noticed you are from Brazil, and I'm right now on the look for some info you might help me with. Do you know if you have to be a US citizen to buy Packers stock?
      1. PackersRS
        Oct 22, 2011
    5. aaronqb
      I don't think you can. Because I have over 500 postings, only robdog can do it. thanks anyway
    6. aaronqb
      I noticed you deleted your post and my post from earlier today. I wanted ALL of my postings deleted. Why did you delete yours? Trying to get all mine deleted through robdog now.
    7. BayouPackFan
      Maybe you can help, please? I'm a newly registered member, but I am unable to view ANY threads! Any ideas?
    8. JRS
      I quote you first: "So you're saying that because I live in Brazil I'm less of a fan? You don't even know who I am or why I root for the Packers. With this kind of statement, you've just proven my point. You should not speak about or in behalf of the Packers' fanbase."

      No what I am saying is that your judgement of me is like someone from Canada telling someone from Britain that they are a lousy excuses for Brits. HA! Some one from Brazil telling me "You should not speak about or in behalf of the Packers' fanbase" HA! I LIVE HERE - DUH!

      The fact is: (in your own words) "You should not speak about or in behalf of the Packers' fanbase"
    9. JRS
      You take shot at me by accusing me of taking shots a Packer fans and lock the thread. I am a Packer fan and live in wisconsin. You on the other hand per your page live in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I think I will reevaluate the intellectual level of people on this forum and not waste my time. Go ahead and delete my account if you have the authority.
    10. aapackrbckr
      Sorry to bother, but not sure where to go. New to the forum, and most threads I click on bring up nothing but a "green" blank screen... funny but in the introduce threads I am able to read...maybe some internet setting perhaps? Help! Can you give me some direction?
    11. Jess
      I'll try. Gonna watch Favre tonight, but I have nothing going on tomorrow so I'll probably do it then.
    12. Jess
      Thank you, sir. Appreciate it.
    13. Jess
      Any chance you could work your magic and find me a stream of Vikes/Rams? I want to have that going on my computer while the Pack is on the TV.
    14. aaronqb
      how long does my scolding for an offensive message remain on my page?
    15. Mushroom
      Hey bud, I'm new here and I see you're on quite a bit. Can you maybe direct me to the area of the site that explains the credits and the other stuff around my user name...i.e. the 3 colored bars, the packer helmets and all that stuff. Thanks in advance, Josh
    16. Jess
      Download the AdBlock Plus extension for it.

      Blocks every banner ad. It's awesome.
    17. MSA
      Yeah I know what your talking about I'll look into finding the video on that to make a sig, wallpaper and animated avatar with that....yeah I can make those too :)
    18. MSA
      Thanks for adding me! :)
    19. OldSchoolFan
      Understood, but I could'nt help but try to get in one last shot...You are right in what you did...thanks.
      for surewe are both pushing for the same goal. it dont matter how we get there. just as long as we kick *** getting there lol
    21. robdog
      Thanks! :)
      thanks ol friend you take care hope to talk to you soon. i had fun with our going on about cilfton i think its good we could without getting upset with each other. i guess were both hard headed. anyway thanks for being a friend
      i guess we can agree to disagree no hard feelings my friend we both want the same thing for the packers to do great
    24. CM_Awesome
      Thanks for accepting my friend request! :)
    25. ndandrea91
      Game on Sunday is now 4 15 not 1 00
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