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Aug 29, 2010
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Brown County Wisconsin
There is an aspect of NE Iowa that completely captivates my soul.

It's so beautiful that I'm transported into a euphoric state, and I can't help but weep.

I'm speaking, of course, of their real estate prices.
My extended family that still lives there refers to it as Mayberry. There is a theater that as of 7 years ago ran 1st run movies for $5. My brother and I saw the 3rd Ironman movie + large popcorn + sodas for <$25 total not each. On opening weekend. Not a special, normal prices per family.


Jul 23, 2012
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I'm going to say something here, and it will probably get a lot of heat, but that's ok. Discussion is good, and I may be wrong.

If the aim of the Barry hire is to install a system similar to what Fangio and Staley run, I think it might be smart to explore trade options for Za'Darius.

I think the ideal front for this defense is a NT with two long, power ends, and then a speedier edge rusher who can drop at times. I am not sure where Z fits super well in there-- he's a not a power end who could handle extra gap responsibility in the running game, and he's not a speed rusher.

His value should be sky high right now. He has 26 sacks the last two seasons, he's still only 28 years old, and the acquiring team would have him for ~10M in 2021 and ~14M in 2022. So the return on that trade could be pretty strong.

I am not sure (and I mean that literally-- again, I could be wrong) that this defense will lend itself to all of the interior rush opportunities. And if you take away or limit interior rushes for Smith, I think his value declines dramatically.

I can envision a scenario where he becomes more of an exclusive edge rusher, and his production is a lot more replaceable. Maybe this will end up being way off, but I can imagine a situation a year from now where Packer fans are wishing that they sold high on his value.

So what say you guys? Say you could get a late 1st round pick and the 11.5M in cap relief-- would you do it?

I don't like the idea of the Packers trading Zadarius by any means. While I agree the team would receive a decent compensation in return and save much needed cap space by the move it would take some time to adequately replace him as a pass rusher by getting draft picks in return.

Gutekunst should do everything in his power to surround Rodgers with as much talent as possible considering his championship window is closing fast.

I agree with some other posters that if Barry doesn't run a scheme capable of taking advantage of Z's strengths I'm not convinced it was a smart idea to hire him in the first place.

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