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7 more years of Cutler

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Rodgers_Forever, Jan 2, 2014.


    NOMOFO Cheesehead

    Jan 3, 2014
    I agree he's not as bad of a qb as he is made out to be and think he's very gifted.

    I will never understand however why nfl fans have such short memories. it is always the same diatribe. "He's got weapons now, just watch how is good he'll be!"....or..."With this new offense, you just wait!" ....or...."I think this new coach will make him into a great QB". it is the same thing we hear fans say about qbs all over the league all the time and it's never true. the season ends and it's the same results when looking back!

    EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the past 3 years I heard about "matty ice" and how this was HIS year because...bla...bla....bla...bla........ NO! The guy is who he is and that's a very average QB that will never win the big game! Romo- same exact thing.

    do I think cutler is capable of making plays and beating the packers? yep! do I think it's more likely that he's going to cost his team the game when a play is needed? YEP!!!!! jay is jay is jay is jay . he's a good qb, a solid rung below the top tier...and HE WILL GAG WITH THE BEST OF THEM FOR AS LONG AS HE IS PLAYING.

    I am glad he's in Chicago not because I think he sucks. I'm just gad we don't have to worry about seeing a top tier QB there for the next few years. (Had they taken a shot at drafting one)
  2. weeds

    weeds Cheesehead

    Dec 9, 2004
    Rod, no offense taken....seriously.

    He and Trestman...that rebuilt offensive line (which really impressed the livin' hell out of me) with the two bookend receivers?? Oh yeah....that is an offense that is going to give the Pack's defense (such that it is) nightmares. I don't have a problem with Cutler --- seems most Bears fans do though --- I'm just saying that he's been so unsuccessful to date against the Pack that whatever voodoo is at play there, should very definitely be allowed to continue until such time that it doesn't work out in the Pack's favor any longer. :sneaky:

    Oh...and Rod?...welcome to the forum.
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  3. captainWIMM

    captainWIMM Cheesehead

    Jul 23, 2012
    Paying $18 million a year for that guy is insane IMHO. He has never thrown for more than 27 TDs in a single season and has led his team to the playoffs only once in seven seasons, with his only playoff win coming against the 7-9 Seahawks.
  4. robertk328

    robertk328 Cheesehead

    Dec 10, 2012
    Only thing better would have been for Schwartz to get a 7 year extension, too.
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  5. PackFanNChiTown

    PackFanNChiTown Bear Fan's Bane

    Dec 14, 2008
    I think this says it all:

    VaJayJay: 11 games, 19 TDs, 12 INTs for a 89.2 QBR
    McCown: 8 games, 13 TDs, 1 INT for a 109.0 QBR

    McCown was a natural in the WCO system and a ton more accurate. He had that performance playing at a high level compared to VJJ who did okay but still reverted to bad habits when defenses got into his head.

    Everyone talks about Cutler's "talent," which is indisputable, but it's very much an unrealized" talent. The man has had eight years to produce and he's only won one playoff game and only been in the playoffs one time.

    He's injured yearly and yet he is given a nearly top-tier contract? I can see the prospects for the Bears were limited this season but they've just married themselves to a QB who isn't very comfortable in the WCO and has proven he'll stop playing that system when the pressure is on.

    Their defense can be destructive, but Cutler isn't the guy to lead them back to the big dance.
  6. ClemsonFan

    ClemsonFan New Era Packers Fan

    Oct 22, 2011
    I'm thrilled that they did this as it could secure us up to 2 games per year :)

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