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Thoughts around Week 7

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Bogart, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Bogart

    Bogart Duke Mantee

    Jan 26, 2011
    Chargers at Jets

    Proving once again how overrated they are, Ididn't think the Chargers would let this game slip, going up by 11, not once but twice. Jets passing game opened up, did better than you'd expect with Sanchez under center. Good win by the Jets defensively for shutting down Rivers.

    Bears vs Buc's (London)

    The London game of the year, was better than last season, as in a closer game and more exciting for our friends in the UK. Josh Freeman with 4 interceptions was very terrible, the Bears played this one out and won defensively, and their only weapon on offense; Matt Forte doing damage. I was more impressed with the defenses forcing turnovers than either of the offenses.

    Graham whom was Tampa Bay's best weapon last week against the Saints is done for the season, so I'll be looking forward to them playing in the Superdome without their best player. I believe Chicago took advantage in something the Saints ignored last week, which was pounding the ball all over the Buc's, and it proved they have a huge weakness with stopping the run. I expect when they come to Lambeau for Starks to hit it up the middle.

    Redskins at Panthers

    What happened to the Redskins going to the playoffs? Oh I remember, easy schedule early on is turning into a disaster.This team is not build for shoot outs like Carolina is, and that is why they failed. Jim Haslett is not much of a defensive coordinator, and all that credit he got weeks ago was a joke. Cam Newton is progressing as the weeks go, and he's the rookie along with Andy Dalton that deserves praise instead of Tebow.

    I've got a feeling the Panthers are giving it all to win more than they are expected to going into this season. They've lost some close games putting up high numbers, and this was a team I knew they'd beat. Washington remains the laughing stock of the NFL on free agents. Why don't they put Rex back in the game, who is better than McNabb lol

    Seahawks at Browns

    Ugly short scoring game, but a good eye opener. Browns are still struggling throwing the football, not a shock. Charlie Whitehurts is worse than Tavaris Jackson!? Who would have guessed that when the Rams terrible defense made him look good last year in his start against them. Seattle is a trian wreck of a team.

    Forget Peyton Hillis, Hardesty is the only reason Cleveland won this game by running the ball. It will get better for Cleveland if they can start passing better, but it's a rebuilding year, don't expect much out of them.

    Broncos at Dolphins

    Without a doubt, Miami had this game won, then thought it was OK to forget the last 3 minutes and let the most overrated quarterback ever in history to win. The Dolphins have so many issues it's not even funny. Anyone wanna say Reggie Bush is a good running back?

    It's only going to get worse for these teams. The Tebow hype will be the death of Denver, and Miami needs to fix everything on defense and offense.

    Texans at Titans

    Can't count Houston out, but count the Titans out. Most overpaid running back ever, CJ2K will be lucky if he gets 1K rushing yards this year (not gonna happen). Matt Shaub is still kicking it, and Arian Foster running all over the Titans, that is who is the best running back in the AFC, and he is not an over paid cry baby.

    It's funny seeing them get beat down like this, they are probably greatful they destroyed the Oilers, or else it would be even more funny seeing Tennessee lose to the team they had to destroy, and not just the city.

    Cheifs at Raiders

    Disaster waiting to happen, while the Raiders did have passing problems, they lost their number 1 weapon in Darren McFadden to an injury. K.C. only got 28 points on 6 interceptions, not bad as they carried the torch, but I have a feeling they are not for real yet, can't count them out until next Sunday against the Chargers

    You know, I don't think Al Davis would have gave up so much for Cason Palmer. he's a decent quarterback at best, but don't forget, he has not had much time to get into it yet. I didn't think the Bengals would be the ones laughing in the end, but they are. I do want to see Oakland get it together and make the playoffs in the memory of Al, so I think they'll get back on track eventually.

    Steelers at Cardinals

    Hate having to review this game, knew it was going to be a Steeler win, with the terrible Cardinals being an over hyped team on Kevin Kolb before the season started. Still believe the Steelers have some problems here and there. They are getting it together, but they also have an easy schedule. Hopefully the Bengals can stop them from making the playoffs again.

    Packers at Vikings

    Divisional rivalry in what was expected to be a close game from me. The Packers did their thing, and the Vikings did theirs with Peterson. Must say, Christian Ponder played well for a rookie going up against our defense, also Michael Jenkins is a good wide receiver for those guys. Charles Woodson still stole the show from the hard playing Vikings.

    The Packers offense is still amazing me, Rodgers is playing at such a high level, he had no competetion in the MVP race. I was worried at halftime, but my fear flushed away when the Vikings left Greg Jennings wide *** open for a TD coming out of halftime.

    Rams at Cowboys

    DeMarco Murry, game over. Never believed this kid would break am Emmitt Smith record. This is just what Dallas needed to get back on track, an easy win against a terrible team. A.J. Feely with more yards than Romo just goes to show that Jason Garrett did his home work on losing and has come through like a winner, knowing once you run the ball real well early in the game, keep running it.

    Colts at Saints

    I never thought I'd live to see the Saints score more than 52 points in my life, I was proven wrong. Seeing some Colts fans in the Superdome I felt bad for them, including our nice member of this forum whom is a Colts fan. This was a game I was looking forward to before the season started, a rematch of the Super Bowl. Needless to say, this game was a huge eye opener that Peyton is not the only problem for the Colts when they let the Saints offense walk all over them before halftime. Drew Brees played his best game of his entire career possibly, and the Saints actually ran the ball very well in this game.

    Manning isn't the only problem for the Colts, they need big big big changes to their defense playing so poorly.

    Ravens at Jaguars

    My Super Bowl pick for the AFC goes and lays an egg, how surprised should I be in Joe Flacco's zero pocket awareness and terrible play? Not so sure. Jacksonville fought this game out, and they deserved to win after barely losing to Pittsburgh. Baltimore's defense isn't really the problem when their offense has become easy to stop. I do expect them to get their stuff together, they'll figure something out from this loss if they want to make it to the Super Bowl.

    If anyone else has thoughts around the games of the week, post your own, opinions welcomed.
  2. Greenbayphil

    Greenbayphil Cheesehead

    Jan 17, 2011
    Offensive Co-ordinator of the Ravens should be fired after that game imo.
    In such a tough division, and such an easy opponent they definetly should give him the sack.
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