Thoughts around Week 6


Duke Mantee
Jan 27, 2011
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Mobile, AL U.S.
San Francisco at Detroit

The Lions good luck runs out in front of their own fans at home against a high powered opponent. Believe it or not, I have a feeling that losing will help the Lions, and I don't mean that to sound like a jerk. When a team is finally knocked off the top of the world by losing a game, they seem to play better than the stigma and hype surrounding an undefeated team, but also; the 49ers seem to have set the blue print to stopping Megatron. I am curious to know if other teams will cover him as they did.

Forget the drama between the two coaches, this game was a battle till the end, and the 49ers got it. Their defense is a big big improvement in the 4-3. Detroit is becoming heavily dependant on the passing game. They may want to try and adjust to running the ball so the pressure is not all on Stafford's shoulders after putting the ball in the air 50 times, Sunday.

St. Louis at Green Bay

All first half, Packers. Jordy Nelson is showing all the non believers why he's still on our team after some drops in the Super Bowl (and some huge catches) gave him criticism. The Rams defense did shut down a very high powered offense in the second half, but I don't believe McCarthy was really serious after going up 24-3. The game was totally out of reach for St. Louis and it did not seem like they needed to play as if they were tied or still in it.

Most impressive stat is keeping St. Louis out of the endzone despite a 100 yard rushing game, and a 300 yard passing game, they still got zero touchdowns. That is the positive out of giving up so many yards. They may be winless, but I can't remember the last time I seen a team rack up 100+ on rushing, 300+ on passing and still got no touchdown.

Indianapolis at Cincinatti

Think this game could have been a push. I believe Andy Dalton was a good draft choice in replacing Palmer. The Colts have so many problems, I am starting to feel sorry for them. They have all those play makers on defense and still can't stop teams from running all over them.

The critics picked the wrong Ohio team when they thought Cleveland was a possible 6-8 team wins. Andy Dalton is much better than Colt McCoy, and the Bengals are actually running it better this season. Can't count them out yet.

Buffalo at NY Giants

Wacky game for these new yorkers. Buffalo with an impression blocked field goal managed to stay in the game. As much as I like Fitzpatrick, his picks did cost them this one, but they still only lost by 3 points. it was a hard fought match up and I don't think the Giants were ready to advance having back to back loses.

Don't count Buffalo out yet. 2 loses by 3 points, I think they are a much better wild card contendor than the Jets when it comes to the AFC East. The Giants are playing for their division. Nobody gave them a chance when hailing for the Eagles to win it all, and now they are proving why they won 10 games last year. Buffalo is going through growing pains, but I believe they'll still win 10 games.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh

You know the Steelers really kill me. Everyone talks about how great they are, and how they were going to blow this game out, and they almost let the Jaguars with a rookie quarterback win the game. But you know, that's impossible against the Steelers! They have the best defense! Not! This is the year I don't think they will bounce back. Baltimore is a much tougher team them, and will not be surprised when they get swept.

I actually am surprised Pittsburgh did not blow these guys out when they out gained them on yards 370 vs 209, and only score 17 points with that many yards, something is really wrong. Down the road I believe they are gonna get beat by some of the worst teams in the league. Still they have an easy schedule and can get back in the groove as a wild card.

Philadelphia at Washington

While the Eagles won and got their band wagon back praising them and making enough excuses to fill a book, I believe the thank you goes to Rex Grossman and Mike Shanahan's ******* for thinking Rex was a good enough quarterback to start this season. 4 interceptions and they still only won by 7 points. The "Dream Team" is not a second half team, scoring 0 points in the second half together.

This game was lost on Washington not running the ball. Rex shares part of the blame because he sucks, but the Eagles have given up 100+ rushing yards in each game this season, and the Redskins did not even try to ground and pound the ball in there like they did in other games after Rex started to turn it over. Washington was overrated anyway, and here is the start of their decline after a strong start in the season. I don't think people took them seriously anyway. Everyone can start their laughs at Dan Synder starting now after his joke of the NFL is now losing again.

Houston at Baltimore

Defense is winning games for the Ravens, as traditionally it should. They are pounding teams in. This game was a statement. They were playing a good team and still held them to just 14 points. While Baltimore's offense was horrible on 3rd down (3-11) it did not matter. They stopped the Texans 10 times on 3rd down (6-16) and managed to shut them down all 3 times they went for it on 4th down.

I'll take Baltimore's defense as the best in the league, and most scary. They are doing everything right, and most of all fixing problems from last season. Last year Baltimore would go up big leads, but allow teams to hang around in the 2nd half and some how come back and nearly beat them or beat them. I believe a lot of time was spent in the offseason discussing how they SHOULD HAVE beat Pittsburgh in the divisional round when up by 2 scores, and how they were barely pulling through games they once had a huge lead in (Houston, New Orleans, Cleveland)

Cleveland at Oakland

One has to rememeber, in a home game following the death of Al Davis, these guys were fired up and wanted to win, and they did just that. Impressive fake field goal - pass for a touchdown was awesome. McFadden did his thing, most of all I believe the kick return for touchdown was most impressive. Don't know what happened to the dominant Peyton Hillis that now is playing terribly.

Colt McCoy is not a good quarterback. In times he shines, and I know he's a rookie, but he can't even complete 50% of his passes which is not a good sign. I believe Cleveland should drop in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes and get them someone that's bound to be a team leader, cause I have yet to be impressed by McCoy. Even in the Colts game that he played good in, he either completes below 50% of his passes, are barely at 50%. Not good for a team that is trying to be west coast pass heavy offense.

Dallas at New England

For the Cowboys, this was a huge game coming off the bye week. New England played it out, and I believe the Dallas defense deserves some credit for throwing everything at Brady as possible. There's a big question this game gives; Did the Cowboys set a blue print to stopping Tom Brady? Rob Ryan shut him down in Cleveland last year winning 34-14, and Dallas nearly beat them before the final 2 minutes that mattered the most when Brady reminded us who he was.

A lot of media hype concerning Jason Garrett's play calling on the last drive. He tried to run the clock, and everyone is saying he could have won the game had he called pass plays to get first downs. If Tony Romo was my quarterback, I would have did the same thing. People forget, Garrett had Romo airing it out in the Detriot and Jets games and he ended up throwing picks and getting those teams back in the game. So why should he trust to let him throw a bunch of passes after what happened the first 2 times? He believed in his defense because they had Brady shut down the majority of the game. Not the coaches fault the owner is a total idiot and thinks Romo is the next Troy Aikman.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Terrible, terrible things in this game. Any Saints fans still on this board, take my word and don't blame it all on Brees, this defense needs a full make over. All I've heard the last two days is people *****ing about Drew Brees interception at the end of the game, calling it a "Favre move" (If you ask me, with those average WR's the Saints have, Favre would be throwing way more picks than Brees does). Tampa Bay played decent, but the Saints could have stopped them and won this game, and should have. There were dropped interceptions, and most of all giving up huge chunks of yards. This is really what I feared. They were letting teams hang around in games they should have been blowing out (Jacksonville and Carolina) and now teams are taking advantage of how bad their defense is leaving guys wide open down field and in middle routes.

I'm going to just say, what if Brees threw a touchdown on that last drive? People forget, they let Tampa Bay drive 40 something yards (into Saints territory) to run the clock out in just seconds. Even had they got a TD, I believe Tampa would have drove down the field real quickly and kicked a field goal to win it. Almost every pass play, the Saints would leave guys wide open (Winslow) and give up a big first down. Then when running the ball, one missed tackle gives up 40 yards (Thank Roman Harper) and every other run is for 5-20 yards. The blame goes to the defense that just can't stop a run and is too heavy on the blitz to cover anyone down field. It's not very often you see Brees throw a pick in the last drive of the game, so there's no reason to start comparing him to Favre's mistakes. They only lost by 6 points, which is not bad for a team that puts the wieght of the world on the shoulders of the quarterback and telling him to throw 45 passes instead of trying to balance with a run game (Something the Saints will probably never learn how to do, as they seem to enjoy putting it all on Brees shoulders, a repeat from last season)

Minnesota at Chicago

Thank you Minnesota for making Jay Cutler look great so Bears fans can defend the interception machine. Vikings problems go past McNabb and company, their defense is really bad this year, you know that's a fact when they let Jay Cutler carve them up. Not much to say here except this was just a terrible game, even the owner was laughing in the booth over it.

Think the Vikings need a full reboot next year. Cut everyone, and start over, but keep some guys hanging around.

Miami at NY Jets

Home game for the Jets, and they won it thanks to defense and playing a bad team. They are still hanging around but will be back to losing eventually. If anyone is the worst team in the league, it's Miami. No quarterback, terrible play calling, and you know you can't run the ball when Reggie Bush is your running back. Bush did have a good game before going out injured, but that's his motto of being an over hyped poster boy in New Orleans.

I don't see the Jets keeping it up. One win against a horrible team that had gave up in the second half. Sanchez is still very overrated and will be back to slingin' interceptions as he barely complete 50% of his passes with decent receivers next week, and then at Buffalo. I only hope Miami can win 1 or 2 games, but that really is questionable, when it's 3rd and 1 and they try to air it out deep instead of doing a slant pass to pick up a first down. Tony Sprano needs to go.


The Colts Fan
Feb 5, 2011
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-I am not sold on the Jets either, I like the Bills and hope they can get in the playoffs. They need pass rush help though.

-I am so sick and tired of the Cowboys. I had them beating the Lions. What a 24 point lead is not good enough? And then they basically have their D control the Patriots until the very end. I mean come on, 16 points in NE is not enough. I don't care who you are. I felt they basically just handed at least OT to the Pats in the end. Stupid Stupid Stupid team. I give NE credit for hanging in there and getting the win but I am so frustrated with the Cowboys at times. I am done with believing in them.

-The Colts have two big playmakers on D; Freeney and Mathis. Both actually did not have a good game in Cincy. The Colts D does not travel, much like the Saints D. Bethea is a solid player in the secondary but outside of him it's awful back there. Our DT situation has been pretty bad for years. Really at this point I never expect to win, I have called a loss since the season started for every game. This team has no clue right now, none. But, it does not bug me either for some reason. I had a bad feeling going into this year but it sucks seeing the division so easy to win again. The Jags might be as bad as us or worse. The best thing that could happen to the Colts is to get a better HC or DC when this season is over. And some high draft picks are needed. We have picked at the bottom of every round so long it's time to re load.

-Steelers will hang tough, I wish they would go away but I bet they don't. If they are a WC team I won't be suprised. This is the year the Ravens deserve to win the North again and get a bye week.

-Saints host the Colts on SNF this weekend. Um.....Brees coming off a loss against our defense? I might cover my eyes at times.

-Love the Niners swagger under Harbaugh. Looooooove it.

-Hate the Lions attitude at times. Yeah I said it a week ago about the Lions one dimensional offense. It's not going to get them deep in the playoffs. It's giving me Colts vibes. I won't be shocked if the Falcons run all over them after seeing how the Niners did.

-Honestly I hate to say this but as much as I am high on the Ravens, if the Steelers are a WC team and win the first game and travel to Baltimore for the divisional round that game scares me for the Ravens. Until they beat them in a meaningful game I will be nervous for the Ravens. They are lucky the Colts are out but they will have an easier road to the SB if the Steelers don't make it. Pats could beat them too but the Ravens always give them trouble and at least have a big win over them in recent years.

-lol Texans. I don't know why but I laugh at them. This is supposed to be their year with Manning out. And they lose Andre and Mario in back to back weeks? I have to admit, thats pretty cruel. They get Andre back sometime but I still don't trust them. I won't be shocked if TN wins the division and Kubiak gets canned.