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Optimism, just a Sunday away

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by packersfan152, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. packersfan152

    packersfan152 Cheesehead

    Jul 30, 2010
    even though we have faced a ton of defensive injuries, I think everything is coming back to gether next week against the jets.

    Raji 337lbs
    Wilson 290lbs
    Wynn 285lbs
    NEWLY SIGNED Green 340lbs
    if healthy-

    Thats alot of weight to be pushing for our D-line, hopefully Green can take place of Jolly and help us solidify our line and bring us back to the No.1 rushing D!

    Williams- complete shut down corner this year
    Woodson-last years MVP who is doing as much as he can to NOT lose
    Shields- shockingly good for a rookie
    Collins- has some crazy interceptions
    Peprah- who knew he would be decent
    Harris- Mr bump and run
    Bigby- remember that play off game against Seahawks in the snow where he almost killed every player that got near him....man I hope that bigby shows up

    If you noticed last year, we ran that formation where the TE motioned to the back field and stood a little bit in fron of Rodgers, that formation for some reason always got us points. They finally showed it during the ViQUEENS game and we won

    also, last year we were 4-4 midway through the season before unleashing hell and going 7-1, right now we are 4-3, if we win against the Jets and things start to pick up we can get going again.

    Optimism fans, things are looking up in Packer Nation

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