McCarthy Wants The Packers To Stay Focused On 7-0

Travis Duncan

Sep 2, 2011
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By Travis Duncan

Inevitably, the Packers know bigger challenges lie ahead.

But shortly after defeating the St. Louis Rams 24-3 Sunday at Lambeau, coach Mike McCarthy said the team's vision is towards 7-0.

"We feel very good about being 6-0 and we’re excited about the opportunity to go 7-0," he said.

The only thing between the Packers and 7-0 is the Minnesota Vikings. The 1-5 Minnesota Vikings.

"Our defense kept them out of the end zone all day," McCarthy added. "Offensively, we did not generate any points in the second half. So, we’ll correct everything tomorrow and learn from it. But we’re seven days from being 7-0 and that’s our message.”

Three games mainly have been circled on the calendar as a games the Packers could-believe it or not-dare we say, lose. Thanksgiving Day against the Lions , after the bye against the Chargers Nov. 6 in San Diego and traveling east after Thanksgiving Dec. 4 against the Giants.

Regardless of what happens in the regular season, the ultimate goal for this franchise is clearly to be the first back-to-back Super Bowl champions since the Patriots did it in 2005, anything less will be a disappointment.

Aaron Rodgers was pressed by the media after Sunday's win just what the next level for a team that has now won 12 straight games (tying a franchise record set in 1962).

"7-0," Rodgers answered.

He joked, "Didn’t Mike [McCarthy] say we had seven days to 7-0? Beware that’s his code, his theme this week."

One concern will be injuries.

The Packers secondary, which is missing safety Nick Collins for the season, is already thin and could be thinner.

On Thursday safety Morgan Burnett broke his hand during practice and wore a club cast during Sunday's game. Burnett had a great game, making nine tackles and forcing a Steven Jackson fourth quarter fumble.

But in the third quarter, after intercepting a Sam Bradford pass in the end zone, cornerback Sam Shields took a hard hit from a Rams receiver. Shields left the game with a concussion.

Shields will now have to go through a series of tests by an independent neurologist before he can be cleared to practice or play.

Sheilds (@stickyshields37) tweeted after the game, "I'm feeling better lol!! #didntseehim"

Charles Woodson said that Shields would have been better off returning the ball exactly where he intercepted it instead of trying to reverse the field where he can't see who is coming.

A.J. Hawk apologized for extending his middle finger at one point during Sunday's game. "I guess it was on TV. I definitely wasn’t mad or upset with anybody. It’s kind of a running joke with a couple of my teammates. I guess we got caught up in an emotional game and sometimes forget it’s on TV. I definitely apologize to everyone if kids were watching and got offended. I understand and I’m sorry that got out there."

Up next for the Packers is a 3:15 CT start in Minnesota against the Vikings next Sunday. The Packers will then have a bye week before traveling to San Diego for a Nov. 6 match up against the Chargers.

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