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Lay off Favre

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Techno, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Forget Favre

    Forget Favre Cheesehead

    Dec 27, 2009
    Before Fail, the Pack had a perfect post record at Lambeau.
    Let me remind you of that again.
    Yes, football is a team sport but it was brINT who threw those game losing passes.
    So I fault him for ruining the records at Lambeau.
    IMO in reality he is a losing failure.
    If he was at all concerned about the team, then he would sit down and let someone else have a shot.
    But his over inflated ego won't let him do that.
    Instead he'll go out there and continue losing games for the team.
    He lost for the Pack and now he lost for Minny. (Good.)
    He should quit while he is behind. Way way behind.
  2. Green_Bay_Packers

    Green_Bay_Packers Cheesehead

    Mar 30, 2007
    "Eli Manning had more postseason wins in a 29-day span in 2007 than Favre had in his last decade with the Green Bay Packers."

    That shocked me a lot to be honest Eli could possibly win more Rings than Favre lets not lie Favre should have won more than 1 but he made so many mistakes and cost us and the Vikings chances to win Superbowl Rings, Mason Crosby could have a RING :)
  3. angryguy77

    angryguy77 Cheesehead

    Sep 16, 2008

    So Rodgers is to blame for the last game correct? Sherman was a good coach and called great games? Bush was right to play hero? Harris covered Plax in a way that made Revis green with envy?

    I'm guess your favorite game whe you were a kid(if you are an adult) was "I win"? Make up the rules, slant the facts to benefit your side much?
  4. PackersRS

    PackersRS Cheesehead

    Dec 22, 2008
    Now let me ask you a question:

    Ditka or a Hurricane?

    Wait a minute, wait a minute: The hurricane is named Ditka.

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