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Nov 16, 2005
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Billings Montana
i havent posted for about 6 months because i hate the off-season but i had to jump on and give a little insight from montana

first off i have to say good job by TT i think he did just fine in the off season charles woodson is a great pick up because caroll cant cover the number 2 recievers (we will have to see if we over payed or not some people just need a new town and team to rejuvenate their careers)

second bringing in a new coach is going to be tough on everyone but it all just means a new beginning for everyone (including farve)

third nice draft what did all the sports writers give us like a B or B+ i know not to look into everything sport writers say but they are pretty good at analyzing drafts

well just a spit from my mouth

everyone take it easy and pull out the packer gear cause were only about 2 months away

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