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Jul 24, 2011
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I live in the Philadelphia market. I watch their games. Jenkins left the game two weeks ago limping and didn't come back. Last week, he left the game with a tri-ceps injury and didn't come back. When he was in, he got *some* pressure on the QB, but he also wiffed on a several tackles when the running backs came his way. I saw Jackson run inside him. I saw Jackson run outside of him.

As for Wynn or Wilson (depending on the scheme), there were only 31 total tackles by the defense. Picket only had 1, Raji only had 1, so their names were hardly mentioned. Does this mean they aren't any good? The role of the line in a 3-4 is to hold the line. The Linebackers and cornerbacks provide pass rush. The Packers line is doing the job the coach asks them to do. They don't need their name in lights. They need to get the job done. That is what they do. Fred Jackson ran for 111 yards against Jenkins' line last week. Michael Turner ran for 56 against the Packers line. Which line do you think did a better job?

From the Milwaukee sports journal comes this note on defensive strategy vs Atlanta; "If Wynn can at least tie up Baker and fullback Ovie Mughelli, that may open the door up for Clay Matthews to get a sack or two, as well." As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Michael Turner, one of the premier rushers in the league, kept in check. Mission accomplished without Jenkins.

I just don't see why folks are so enamored with him. He brought a low price tag for a reason. Ted let him go for a reason. I trust Ted and all the other teams that passed on him.

I have Direct TV and watch a lot of Philly games as well. I've seen Wynn wiff and miss tackles as well. I don't see how people are enamored with Wynn either. He hasn't had even a tackle the last two games. I don't see him getting much pressure at all. After a good start he has tailed off. I don't think it was an accident that CJ Wilson got more snaps last week.

The Green Bay Press Gazette said the Packers pass rush was little more than a nuisance to Drew Brees and Cam Newton. We are 22nd in sacking the QB. That doesn't necessarily translate to pressure but it's a pretty good indicator.

No the purpose of the DL in the 3-4 isn't to hold the line it's to get a push to enable the linebackers and db's to do the sack thing or at least rush the QB into his throw.

Comparisons to different teams are meaningless. Are you telling me Jenkins is entirely responsible for stopping the run in Philly??


Jan 27, 2011
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Packers miss Jenkins' pass rush but are better against the run without him. Jenkins isn't the only reason the Eagles struggle vs the run, but he isn't helping matters much either.


Dec 7, 2010
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I was never really a big Nick Barnett fan. All I remember is him not dropping back deep enough of the Eagles "4th and 26". That and acting like he did something great if he dropped someone for like a two yard gain.

Haha not only that, but he would do his stupid dance after crushing someone for a 5 or 6 yard gain too. Awesome, they went half the distance, congrats Nick!

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