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Are Packer fans taking things for granted?

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by FrankRizzo, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. SyX

    SyX Stranger in a strange land

    Jan 15, 2011
    As a fan of a team who had a good run for a long time and is now, well, not, I'd say it is easy as a fan to take things for granted. The Colts were all but a lock for 12 wins a year, now they are struggling for 12 first downs a game.

    Enjoy it while it is happening, celebrate your favorite team's success! Piss off as many Bears and Vikings fans as you can. Be glad that your team (can I adopt them again this season, and probably next as well?) is firing on all cylinders. Be glad that they seem to be built for continued success. Most of all, be glad that the players and staff don't seem to be taking anything for granted.

    It has been a pleasure for me to watch the Packers with Rodgers at QB. The team seems to have fun, play hard, not get ahead of themselves or too down on themselves, and push through adversity. I can honestly say the last time I really enjoyed watching a Colts game start to finish was when the played the Bears on a rainy field in Miami., and even there, I'm not sure I enjoyed it all the way through. You guys have a special team, and the more I watch them, the bigger fan I become. At first, I was a Rodgers fan, and hoped he would be successful. Now, I really hope their games are on where I live, for the whole team.
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  2. Jules

    Jules The Colts Fan

    Feb 5, 2011
    I so agree with you. This Packers team is special. You know what? In 2007 I watched every single Pats game from start to finish. It was hyped up to be the best team of all time a lot but I never once thought they were going to win the big one. Not once! I just never was "feeling" them.

    On the flip side this Packers team makes me think every single week they will win it all. They have the talent and heart and also a likability factor as well. When they made the playoffs last year I was pulling for them. I just was drawn to them and the way they fought through injuries all season. I was so impressed by how they battled the Patriots in NE without Aaron and almost pulled it off.

    What was scary when the Pack won it all was how young they were in most areas. Sure you have guys like Woodson who are not young but he still has the desire and play making abilities of a man much younger.

    And the Pack beat the Steelers. Yes!!!! Oh thank the Lord for that one and for making Ben and that oh so experienced Steelers squad look like fools.

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