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Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by TJV, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. TJV

    TJV Lifelong Packers Fanatic

    Feb 22, 2011
    Sidelines is a TV show usually hosted by Mike Lucas and includes a panel of three other Wisconsin sports writers. You know NFL football is about to be upon us when the most recent Sidelines TV show devoted all of its time to NFL Football. No Badger football preview, no Brewers talk at all, and no review of all the changes with the Milwaukee Bucks and the summer league performance of their new rookie. Anyway, this is such a hodgepodge of topics I wasn’t sure where to put it so I created a thread. Jason Wilde, Tom Oates and Jeff Potrykus made up the panel.

    • They started by talking about the poll, supposedly by NFL players, which has Rodgers at #11. Wilde said a couple of years ago he contacted 46 Packers asking whether or not they voted in the poll and none did and didn’t know any player who did. At the time Crabtree said pretty much the same thing. Oates said if you want a better picture of how players rank, get 5 GMs in a room and have them do a draft of all current NFL players. Someone mentioned an ESPN writer interviewed NFL GMs and scouts and the top three were Rodgers, Brady, and Manning (not necessarily in that order). Oates mentioned what I wrote in the thread on that poll: If anything it’ll provide motivation for Rodgers.

    • As to whether or not Rodgers will change his style of play because of his injury last season, the consensus is no he won’t. Oates said Rodgers is as good throwing on the run as any other QB he’s ever seen. It’s one of the things that makes him special. (I agree.)

    • Wilde said the Packers had Rodgers and Lacy healthy for four games last season. In one of those games at Minnesota they didn’t have Cobb, Finley, or James Jones and they scored on every possession. He did offer the caveat that it was the Vikings but he said he wants to see what they can do with both on the field (and I’m sure with more weapons).

    • On the Peppers acquisition, Wilde said, “I’m all in on this”. He said he talked to two GMs and both said of the aging UFA pass rushers available, Ware, Allen, and Peppers, Peppers has the most left. Wilde thinks Peppers is going to be “terrific” and he looks very natural standing up. Oates said, “What he (Wilde) said”. He added since Peppers’ contract is basically a series of one-year contracts there’s no downside. Wilde said beyond those two (Clay and Peppers) they have other options – Daniels had 6.5 sacks and Neal had 5 sacks and they didn’t get to use Neal as they wanted.

    • I’m relating this in order of their conversation but here is the “buried lead” of this episode of the show. Wilde continued the conversation about the other options by saying, ‘… and the guy they are really excited about – and if Mike’s watching, I hope not because we’re supposed to keep this a little bit of a secret – but they like Jamari Lattimore a lot. Here’s a guy that came in when Jones was hurt and made an impact.’ (That is very close to a verbatim quote. In a post a while ago I wrote something about Lattimore being the lone ILB in some alignments in minicamp but couldn’t find the source of that information. After hearing Wilde I think he was the source of it on Homer’s radio show.) I'll add making the schemes simpler should help Lattimore (and others) use his instincts more and not worry so much about his assignments.

    • Wilde said Hyde may start at safety and then slide over to the slot and Clinton-Dix will take over at safety in sub packages. He didn’t mention Hayward and my guess is what he’s talking about would have to be the dime D. BTW, he didn’t totally discount the chance of Clinton-Dix starting at safety.

    • Who won the off season in the NFC North?, was the last topic addressed. The unanimous answer was Detroit because they replaced the source of the teams’ undisciplined play with a legit HC. And they have a very talented roster. Oates said they’ve now brought in a guy who can coach QBs, they added receiving talent in Ebron and Golden Tate. They have a legit RB in Bush and they have a decent OL. They should have a first rate offensive scheme so Stafford has no excuses for not being a great QB! They also have talent in their front 7 on D but all acknowledged their weakness in the defensive secondary.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2014
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