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Greetings Fellow Pack Fans!

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by JTheGreat, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. JTheGreat

    JTheGreat Cheesehead

    Dec 31, 2011
    I been browsing these fourms for the last 4 years now, seen alot of up and downs. Im currently a college student still going. I was at every playoff game last year except the superbowl and loved every game! Im from the Philly Area. I been to 6 regular season games b4 last years playoffs and none at Lambeau. So enough for the introducing part. The reason I made an account was to share some fun times with fellow packer fans, but the main reason is I have 2 gripes! I know its alot for a first post but just follow me

    1)Rodgers MVP Discussion
    I brag to all my friends that Rodgers will go down as the best quarterback ever, hes had an amazing run. The good thing is that run is not over. The thread I been keeping an eye open on is this one.
    Hands down Rodgers will win the M.V.P, theres no doubt about it. I just think people are caring too much about it. The statistic that gets me is everyone saying they pull rodgers alot. From my memory they really havent all season except the last couple ones. The stat about brees has 97 more passes and rodgers projected stats if he threw the ball 97 more times kindve gets to me a little bit. Rodgers hands down the most skillfulled qb in the league. Even though we dont have a run game, we still run it to keep defense balanced. Some of rodgers success is coming from a defense not sitting on the pass 24/7. If your playing the saints, the defense can sit on the pass more because they know hes going to throw it more times. Look last year At Peyton Manning arguebly one of the greatest qbs of all times, had to come out throwing every down. He led the league in attempts, but had 17 ints. Long story short not throwing the ball as much as brees helps this offense succeed. Granted yes your going to have more yards in the long run, but this is what makes this Cheesehead offense flow. Not going out and firing the ball 40+ times a game, but if its needed Rodgers can go out there and do it. I hate the saints, but Brees should get some credit. Like I said Rodgers will win the M.V.P though hands down.

    2)My other point is its a T.E.A.M sport, even if for some 1% reason Rodgers doesnt win the M.V.P, does that mean our Season is over? Nope. All that really matters to me is the Superbowl M.V.P which he will be getting for the 2nd straight year(which means back 2 back rings). We got a dynasty on our hands and I cant wait to sit back for the next 10 years and watch it. Its going to be a tough playoff run this year but the Cheeseheads got what it takes to win because thats all they know how to do.

    I know this might be a crazy first post, but Im happy to be on board and hopefully people dont get to much hard feelings over it

    P.S I cant wait to see Flynn Tear it up Sunday. GO PACK GO!
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