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Every game, another record...

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Bruce, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Cheesehead

    Jun 1, 2005
    Every game, another record...

    Somewhat lost in the glare of Brett being on the cusp of breaking the all time TD passing record with his next toss into the endzone are other remarkable feats.

    For example, every completion sets a new NFL record for career completions. Every win that Brett participated in as a starter sets a new mark...


    However, perhaps none is so remarkable as his iron man streak of 241 consecutive regular season starts by a QB - no current or historic QB is on the same page let alone close to this amazing number.

    It is fitting when Brett Favre steps on the field for Sunday's game against Minnesota, he will surpass former Vikings center **** Tingelhoff and move into second place alone on the list of NFL players with the most consecutive starts at ANY Position.

    Former Vikings DE Jim Marshall's 270 starts in a row and holds the NFL record at any position. Which is also unbelieveable in thant most players on the list were offensive linemen like Tingelhoff (hours away from falling to #3), Bruce Matthews (#4 with 229) Jim Otto (#5 with 210)...

    Recently Bob Sansevere (TC sports writer) talked with Tingelhoff and Marshall about Brett Favre and his amazing durability as a quarterback.

    BS: Are you surprised a quarterback is passing one of you for consecutive starts and closing in on the other?

    Marshall: No. I have the greatest degree of respect for Brett Favre. And if anybody were going to get up there and surpass my record, I hope it'd be Brett Favre. I have great respect for him. He's a player. And I'm just amazed that, as a quarterback, and as active that he is, and the hits he's taken, that he still has the ability to play as well as he does. He's playing as well as I've seen him play. I hope he can keep playing another year or two and surpass my record. He's one of the few guys that has an opportunity to do that. I'm just amazed at him.

    BS: How many times do you have to play hurt to start in 240 consecutive games or more?

    Tingelhoff: Really, not many. I was an offensive lineman. No one's hitting us. We're trying to hit the defensive guys and block them. They're trying to get away from us. I was pretty lucky. I got banged up a couple of times, but it wasn't too bad.

    Marshall: I have no idea how many times I played with injuries. I didn't keep track of it. You felt that you had to play. When you have to play, you have to play. I wanted to be out there every chance I got. It was my football team and these guys depended on me, and I wasn't going to let pain stand between going out and performing my best. If I ever felt there was a time I was not up to par, or there was somebody there who could do a better job than me, I certainly would have come off the field.

    BS: What was the worst injury you played with?

    Tingelhoff: I sprained my ankle a couple of times. I never had any broken bones.

    Marshall: I played with a broken wrist, broken fingers, things like that.

    BS: Would Favre have been a dominant quarterback in any era?

    Tingelhoff: Oh, I think so. He's a very good player. You get a real good player like that and he could play any time, anywhere.

    Marshall: Oh, absolutely. He is certainly what I think of as my kind of quarterback. He's a winner. He goes out and he does whatever is necessary to win. It doesn't always happen, but it's not always his fault. He's always trying his best.

    BS: Statistically, Favre will be at or near the top of the most significant quarterback rankings when he retires. Where do you rank him among the NFL's best QBs?

    Tingelhoff: You'd have to rank him high. The years he played and all the games he's played in, and his pass completion percentage and all that. He'd have to be right up there with the top guys.

    Marshall: I would say he's right up there with the first two or three. I'm not going to mention names, but he's certainly in the top quarterbacks in the game.

    BS: What do you like best about his game?

    Tingelhoff: He just kind of takes charge of the game. He goes out and gets it done, and he's a tough guy.

    Marshall: He never gives up. He's a player. As defensive linemen, we look at him and we say, "That's a player. He will beat you one way or another. He will try to beat you." You have to take him out of the equation if you want to win the game.

    BS: Does Favre have the type of personality and demeanor to have been a Purple People Eater?

    Tingelhoff: Yeah, I'm sure he would have fit in. He'd fit in with any team, a player like that.

    Marshall: Oh, absolutely. He's a guy I certainly wish could have been on my team at one point or another. He's the type of person you can depend on.

    Good stuff Bob, ****, and Jim!

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