A Training Camp Battle is in Store For The Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers

If the Packers only carry five wrs this season, who will earn the last spot?

  • Jeff Janis

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • DeAngelo Yancey

    Votes: 11 30.6%
  • Malachi Dupre

    Votes: 13 36.1%
  • Max McCaffrey

    Votes: 4 11.1%

  • Total voters
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Oct 5, 2014
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For all the excitement for these picks, I certainly hope they perform a hell of a lot better than last year. I failed to see any of the reason for such optimism last year. Everytime I saw those guys on the field I was like, "that's it?" Davis year 2, Dupre, McCaffery, all of them. Except Clark, and that was only a play or two. but outside of that, I didn't see anything from any of those guys that jumped out and said, "hey, pick me". I h0pe this year is different. The past 2 have been duds as far as WR hype and then play for the Packers outside of Jordy, Cobb, and Adams.

Every packer WR drafted after round 3 since Donald Driver has been nothing but hype. Each year I keep hoping "these guys will be different" but it hasn't happened yet. I know this season hasn't even started yet but part of me is glad we have the extra first rounder next year because eventually, like next year, we are going to have to spend an early pick on one.

I know he lasted until the 6th round but St Brown may be the one to break the string because although he did fall A LOT of mocks had him going much higher. I know mocks are not the be all and end all but when that many "experts have you rated so high there must be a reason. What I mean is you didn't see Moore or Valdes-Scantling mocked that high anywhere so St. Brown had a lot of people fooled or he has some talent.
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