Will Bill Bellichik Face Calls To Retire From Fans? And Who Would Replace Him?


Sep 30, 2013
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Well, I feel like this is kind of an elephant in the room up in Boston. So last year we saw for the first time in 12 years what the Pats looked like going a full season without Brady. It was not pretty for them.

Now, no question Bellichik probably still feels he has the energy and passion to coach. He certainly will always have the Krafts support and he's stuck around and proven he can adapt with changes that come to the league. But even so ... the case for him to retire builds.

1. The Bills have taken over

The Bills are no accident and with Josh Allen still so young and barely even entering his prime, and already taking heaps and bounds forward finishing 2nd last year just behind KC, they're definitely vying for a SB appearance this year, and they're not about to go anywhere any time soon. Without Brady there, Bellichik and the Pats do not have the same kind of allure for free agents who want to be on a winning team, especially not vs Buffalo who will take those away from them. I just cannot see the Pats knocking Buffalo off or sniffing another SB again any time soon with these guys dominating the AFC East now. And even Miami at this point stands to keep the Pats knocked down.

2. The voids to fill keep piling up

Not just at QB, but you got Edelman retired now making the Pats receiving corps virtually devoid of talent. Nelson Agholar definitely ain't gonna fix that, and how much of the load do they think Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith are going to be able to handle? That offense definitely is short on playmakers right now.

3. Mac Jones is a crap shoot

Do you buy Mac Jones as a future NFL great? I do not. Now the ride with Brady was definitely the story of a lifetime given his 6th round pick after being passed up for Carmazzi by SF - and not the last time the 49ers would pass up a future HOF guy - to becoming the GOAT. But Mac Jones is on the wrong side of this one. The crimson tide have not have not produced NFL QB stars since the days of Starr, Namath and Stabler. Now who knows, maybe Bellichik finds a way to change the narrative and turn him into his next guy. But don't count on it without a huge makeover in the offensive infrastructure.

Now, if the Pats stay down in 3rd place, or by even greater misfortune wind up worse than the Jets in the next four years, I think Bellichik will realize it's time to turn the page before it's too late. In which case, does he hire internally? Or does he have the organization do a complete overhaul with an outsider who has a new philosophy?

Well, we know so far outside of Mike Vrabel, and possibly now Brian Flores, all of Bellichik's proteges and former partner coaches have been fired from any head coaching jobs they held, whether it was Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, Josh McDaniels, or the most recently fired Bill O'Brien and Matt Patricia. That track record certainly should tell the average New England fan that having Bellichik hand picking his successor could be trouble.

So Bill, what will you do?
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