NFL+ and the All-22


May 2, 2012
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I'm telling you, if you want to truly isolate and focus and analyze each player or play in a game - the All-22 film is what you have to have. In the past when things are good for the most part and folks emotions and feelings aligned for the most part with what we were seeing it didn't seem as needed but I'm telling you this year above nearly all we've had I highly recommend the NFL+ subscription and watching the All-22 for games. Enjoy just the live watching but really watch the All-22 film and I think sometimes you'll begin to see and understand many of the takes which some high football IQ folks are saying. I have to thank JT O'Sullivan a while back for making All-22 my sole focus after games for my own thoughts and takeaways.

It is NIGHT and DAY different than watching the game live or even the replays of game coverages. Zero audio, wide shots picking up all the players and replays isolated of each play as well. The ability to sit there and watch, re-watch and re-watch isolating solely on one match up or the play progression as a whole...see the coverage rolls and is an eye opening experience for sure.

It's one of the reasons I think many of the football IQ guys see the Love potential but fools like Cowherd who probably have never watched actual game film in their life ignorantly spouting nonsense. Massive critiques and negatives are present for sure, O'Sullivan / Benkert and many others break those down great...but I'm telling you there are plays that bad players simply would have no shot at making or doing that Love has made and it is those plays that at a minimum, AT A MINIMUM, you have to let him play out this year.

This isn't a Love discussion though, it is just one reason I highly recommend getting ahold of the All-22 and watching for yourself. It's an eye opening experience.....and honestly, this year will make you incredibly sad when watching solely or blocking along the front (inclusive of the TEs)

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