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The Twilight Zone

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Andy, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Andy

    Andy Cheesehead

    Jul 16, 2005
    Interesting read on all the scenarios at play here, some are definitely scary. :shock:

    Packer Report.com

    ‘The Twilight Zone’

    By Bob Fox
    Posted Jul 11, 2008

    If Favre will commit to playing at least two more seasons, then the Packers should bring him back, Packer Report's Bob Fox says.

    There are plenty of Brett Favre rumors, especially after ESPN's Chris Mortensen broke the story about Favre having the "itch" to come back to football after announcing his retirement in early March.

    More has come out since.

    There have been reports of Favre calling coach Mike McCarthy. There have been reports of Favre sending a text message to general manager Ted Thompson. However, there is no truth to the rumor the ghost of Rod Serling of “The Twilight Zone” fame was seen in Green Bay recently. It just seems that way.

    People in the Favre camp, like mom Bonita, brother Scott and close friend Al Jones, a sports writer for the Biloxi Sun-Herald, have commented on the situation. The biggest target of their comments? Thompson.

    They, and others, believe Thompson forced Favre's retirement. Yet it was the same Thompson who went to see Favre in Mississippi after the 2005 season, when Favre strongly contemplated retirement, and talked Favre into returning to the Packers. The 2005 season was Favre's worst of his illustrious career. That also was the year Thompson selected Aaron Rodgers with his first draft choice as GM.

    If Thompson wanted Favre out of Green Bay, that was the time to pull the trigger. Thompson had just drafted Rodgers and hired McCarthy. Most people would have understood that the Packers would be in a rebuilding mode for awhile. But Thompson asked Favre back. And it paid off.

    After Favre’s stellar season in 2007, why would Thompson want Favre out in Green Bay? Maybe Serling knows. Or maybe Alfred Hitchcock.

    McCarthy tried to talk Favre into returning in 2008 when Favre called him about his retirement plans. But Favre felt his commitment would not be there like it had been in the past, and he went through with his retirement press conference.

    So Favre tried to move on. So did the Packers. McCarthy turned his attention to Rodgers and making sure the offense would emphasize his strengths.

    But like many thought he would, Favre reconsidered. At least, according to rumor.

    So, what do the Packers do if Favre truly wants back? So far, the company line has been mum. Continuing the silence may not be so easy. Favre is expected to be in Green Bay on July 19 to speak on behalf of good friend Frank Winters, who is being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. Then, there’s the July 24 shareholders meeting.

    Let's speculate on what might happen if Favre is sincere about coming back to the Packers or just the NFL. The Packers would have several options. But one will never happen, and that is the release of Favre. The team never would permit Favre to be able to shop his services throughout the league and perhaps end up with the Minnesota Vikings. Serling and Hitchcock just smiled at that thought.

    No, the choices would be simply to take Favre back or trade him to a mutually agreed upon team. If I were Thompson and McCarthy, here is where I would play a little hardball. Certainly, the team would want Favre back after the way he and the team played in 2007. But I would consider that possibility only if Favre would commit to at least two years of his contract in Green Bay, which runs through 2010. No retirement talk until at least after 2009.

    If Favre agreed, then all is fine, except the Packers most likely would have to find a new home for Rodgers, with rookie second-round pick Brian Brohm becoming the latest understudy for the Mississippi gunslinger. If Favre won’t make a two-year commitment, then he could be shopped.

    Either way, the destination for either could be Tampa Bay, where Bucs coach Jon Gruden loves quarterbacks like Hugh Hefner likes beautiful women. And to Gruden, — who coached in Green Bay under Mike Holmgren from 1992 to 1994 — Favre is the playmate of the century.

    I was on radio station WDAE in Tampa with Justin Pawlowski on Monday talking about this possibility. The Bucs run a version of the West Coast Offense that Favre knows well. The Tampa Bay area is right across the Gulf of Mexico from the Hattiesburg, Miss., area. Gruden adores Favre and speaks of him highly. Plus, the Bucs and QB Jeff Garcia seem to be at an impasse on a contract extension. The Bucs have plenty of cap room to absorb Favre's hefty contract.

    Still, I feel the Packers will commit to Favre, if Favre commits to them. I would think Rodgers would appeal to the Bucs if the Packers decided to trade him. The Bucs strongly considered Rodgers in the 2005 draft before opting for running back Cadillac Williams.

    In a perfect world, the trading destination of players like Favre or Rodgers would be to the AFC, with teams like the Chiefs or Jets. But the situation the Packers may be in is far from perfect.

    If Hitchcock were the GM of the Packers, he would trade Favre or Rodgers to the Falcons, Eagles, Ravens, Cardinals or Seahawks. They are, after all, "the birds" in the NFL.

    Thompson must feel like Hitchcock or Serling. However, the movie he will produce in 2008 and beyond for the Packers could be a complete success or perhaps a nightmare. Either way, all eyes are looking to see who blinks first, Favre or Thompson. The box office of the NFL awaits the movie that will occur after that.

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