so after 3 days, who's left?


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You apparently feel that Palmer, Lattimore, Thomas, Hubbard and Francis

I'm not totally sure what you wanna say but I'll give it a try.

Aside of Lattimore (who's a free agent) none of them has played a single regular season snap at ILB, so I'm not convinced any of them will be able to provide any impact.

BTW Hubbard is an OLB.


Nov 6, 2013
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Madison, Wisconsin
There will be a peak here soon. With Salary cap rising, Ted has been able to fill in some holes with stars... While STILL keeping his nice kush. With the cap going up every year. The new rules of unused cap being able carry over to next year. Ted has been able to build an all-pro team. Key word "TEAM". Team players.

We will peak, and fall with Ted and Rodgers. Peak when Ted goes for broke on his cap. Timed perfectly to win big before Rodgers starts declining... The Superbowl in 2011 was luck. This year was the first one we SHOULD HAVE WON! So it evens out IMO. But Im betting we have not peaked yet, because Thompson hasnt blown his load... yet...

When is JJ Watts contract up? :)

No team wins a Super Bowl by just being lucky.

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