Simmons and Garza!


Mar 14, 2005
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Milwaukee, WI
I think they would both be decent pickups. I don't know why so many people are so impatient. I'm guessing that Garza will play as good as Rivera and Dan Niel could be almost as good as Wahle. They would both be much cheaper.


Mar 12, 2005
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Sutton, NE
This is what they are saying about Simmons at halktalk

You know, defensive players that played for the Seahawks moving on?

I bet that Simmons has a pro bowl year. This probably will happen especially if he plays in a bigger market, but I think he will be hungrey to stick it to the hawks. This of course happens only if Simmons is healthy (who knows how to figure that out?)

BTW Mason, what do you make of Simmons being cut? I think it was stupid, if they didn't ask Simmons to at least take a pay cut. If they did, I can understand as Simmons was a cancer in 2003, and couldn't stay healthy the last 3 years.

I guess not as stupid as the Vikings getting Napolean Dynamite for Randy Moss. IMO Simmons is better than Dynamite.

I said before the season that Shawn Springs would have a pro bowl year. I got blasted by everyone for defending Springs, but I was right, and everyone else was wrong (he he). I even remember a quote from someone (I am not naming names) that said that Gregg Williams will be so fed up with Springs that by the end of the season he will be moved to safety, that is if he can stay on the field.

If Springs, who has a hole in his hammy could stay healthy, then Simmons could as well. A new team can do wonder's for a player.

I hope my Raiders sign him, but we might be cap strapped. I think the Panthers would be a perfect fit, if they don't resign Mark Fields.

New Orleans, Phili, and New England (If Teddy can't play) seem like other choices.

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Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 8:34 am Post subject:


I think cutting Simmons was move that needed to be done.

I'm not one of these guys who has worshipped the man, I've seen him as another Mueller-era player that was a disapoointment never living up to his hype.

He has made some great plays, but too few and too rare.

But I agree, he will go somewhere and SHINE.

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