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May 2, 2012
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Hey no offense taken and thanks for the stats.

It is tough with these small college guys who put up gaudy numbers. Same for QBs. I'm sure all teams have scouts who look at these guys to get a feel for the competition, the player, the team. And it will be interesting to see where the four guys you mention get drafted.

And it's another good example of how great players can come from smaller schools in smaller markets.

(And I'm betting Frank Gore Jr. does well. He certainly has good genes. Assuming he's THAT Frank Gore's son.)

He is indeed THE Gore's son, but I'll admit on that list I'd keep a keen eye and ear out for the Ali namesake (although not related) in the the right place I could see Ali stealing an RB1 role somewhere.


Oct 5, 2014
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Honestly, if Jones desires to be in GB just for his career and GB is open to it....a lot of possibility exists to an extension with him. BEFORE you freak keep reading...

Truth is if Jones is healthy, yes someday is coming where he won't be able to give you 25-35 snaps at his high level play...BUT that hopefully hill heading down (not a cliff we pray) isn't here yet...

Say you extend him, at his age the likelihood of BIG money is gone on the open market...his nearly built a legacy in GB and would if allowed to play out his career (think Driver everyone). There is a way to easily put a touch more guarantee in his hands, have his cap hit be less than 6M a year forward and only use one year of void....keeping Aaron around that 6M/year cap hit is palatable for as long as he can play and truthfully at his age and position he should be somewhat willing to do such a deal...guarantee would be the kicker and how much that is.
I'd be in on that. I feel that Jones is one of the few players who would give his all for his team as long as he could and when he felt his time was up he would simply walk away a happy man knowing he played and did all he could for his team. Unless he goes 180 from his comments last season regarding his pay cut and as long as the Packers don't try to Jordy him I could easily see them working out a very team friendly deal that keeps him here another 2 years and gives him a decent chunk of change as well.

I think its pretty clear the Packers need to look for his replacement but i don't think that's a guy that has to replace him right away. Look at Atlanta with Robinson. Here's a guy that everyone thought could be the man right away but they brought him along slowly (too slowly if you ask me but they don't care about my Fantasy team) Or Detroit with Gibbs. Drafting hi m that high might have made ou think he's step into the #1 role right off the bat but with a guy like Montgomery you don't need to, nor do you really want to as Monty still brings a lot.

I think the Packers could be in the same boat, Say they get Brooks or Allen or Estime or Irving or Corum in the second or third round. Any one of them might be a day one starter but with Jones they don't have to be. If we could keep Dillion for cheap it would be even better. I'd take that for a RB room.

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