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Scouting report for our first 5 picks

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by DePack, May 3, 2006.

  1. DePack

    DePack Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Jun 5, 2005
    Newark, Delaware
    I found this on Pro Football Weekly's site. I'm not crazy about a couple things it says about Colledge. I've never heard this said of him before.

    Scouting reports on Packers' 2006 draft selections

    Below you'll find excerpts from PFW's 2006 Draft Preview by Nolan Nawrocki. The 200-page book also provides in-depth notes and a summary on each of the nearly 600 prospects profiled in the book. The book can be purchased at PFWstore.com in either print or electronic format. It will provide a handy reference as the 2006 NFL season approaches.

    A.J. Hawk

    Positives: Instincts, intelligence, awareness and anticipation are all top-notch. Outstanding production. Has a knack for making big plays at the most opportune times and plays big in big games. Does not stay blocked long and will use his hands to get over the top of blockers. Fills gaps fast and will take on blockers with the right shoulder and force the ballcarrier back to his help. Shows the ability to jolt defenders with his punch and quickly cross-face. Very reliable tackler. Sees plays developing and is quick to react. Hits with force and knocks the pile back. Good functional strength. Good burst and range to coverage and put his pads on crossers. Physically and mentally tough and plays like a well-trained warrior. Great effort and work ethic. Very intense and passionate about the game. Very durable and has not missed a practice or game dating back to high school. Exceptional character — the kind of person fathers want their daughters to marry.

    Negatives: Lacks ideal height and is not an elite athlete in the mold of LaVar Arrington or Brian Urlacher. Does everything well but is not exceptional in any area. Shows some tightness in his hips in coverage and will let some balls be caught in front of him. Will let blockers get into his frame and will get cut at times and can do a better job protecting his legs.

    Daryn Colledge

    Positives: Is quick off the ball and into kickslide to cut off defenders. Good strength and durability. Likes the weight room and works hard to improve strength levels. Tested well at the Combine in all areas. Shows some pop in his punch to stun and shock. Has enough foot quickness to slide and protect the edge. Very durable. Showed scouts he could match up with better competition at the Senior Bowl and looked agile enough to stick at tackle. Very prideful.

    Negatives: Lacks ideal height and arm length for the OT position. Can get beat inside vs. counter moves. Really struggled vs. Georgia and gave up too much pressure when he faced top competition. Hands are not very quick. Can do a better job anchoring in pass protection and bending at the knees. Does not have a big frame to support much more weight. Came off as a selfpromoting phony in team interviews and rubbed some scouts the wrong way. Craves attention, which is not a good trait for an offensive lineman.

    Greg Jennings

    Positives: Outstanding production. Makes big plays in big games and has risen to the challenge vs. top competition (16-156-1 vs. Virginia as senior and 10-107-2 vs. Michigan State as sophomore). Smooth route runner. Has natural hands and ball skills, and catches the ball with ease outside his frame and over his shoulder. Tough and will cross through traffic. Shows enough quickness, make-you-miss ability and short-area burst to contribute as a returner. Great character. Smart.

    Negatives: Not very big or fast. Has not regularly matched up vs. top competition. Not an accomplished blocker. Rarely asked to run vertical routes.

    Abdul Hodge

    Positives: Good musculature with long arms. Strong for his size. Plays with good leverage and pad level. Instinctive. Keeps his shoulders squared and flows fast to the ball. Will hit gaps when creases show and take a bee line to the ball. Explosive hitter. Has a good feel for the game. Plays with a lot of energy. Can get a lot of depth in his drops and cover ground.

    Negatives: Too short with thin, sprinter’s high-cut calves. Not a true thumper. Shows some tightness in his lower body. Not a natural bender and is not fluid changing direction or flipping his hips to drop into coverage. Will get caught on blocks too much. Misses some tackles in the open. Does not have great man-cover skills to single up on some quicker NFL backs and does not quickly react or break on the ball in zone coverage.

    Jason Spitz

    Positives: Smart, competitive and aggressive. Can dominate in short areas. Has versatility to contribute as a guard or center. Flashes some power in his hands and can work his hips around to wall off. Very strong and can outmuscle defenders when he plays low to the ground with a good base. Great work habits. Solid character.

    Negatives: Has an ugly body with short arms. Is not a natural athlete and is on the ground more than he should be. Not very agile. Too inconsistent. Technique gets sloppy when he tires and mechanics break down the farther out he has to go in space. Does not respond well to quick counters. Plays too stiff and straight-legged. Has missed time with multiple injuries and injury history needs to be thoroughly evaluated.

    I love how they started Spitz...."Has an ugly body..." why stop there? His face ain't perty either :lol:
  2. Bobby Roberts

    Bobby Roberts Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Jun 14, 2005
    Most of the negatives on Colledge don't bother me. The details about his playing weaknesses are why he's projected as a guard in the NFL instead of a tackle.

    But the strike on his character bothers me. He'll be humbled very quickly when he learns how fast the media and fans come down on him if he doesn't perform well.

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