Rodgers and his deep passes


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Feb 22, 2011
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This is a great article which details Rodgers' strengths beyond just holding the record for most career TDs over 70 yards.
While sitting at his locker recently, Rodgers was handed a three-page list with the basic information on all 16 touchdowns. In 4 minutes 18 seconds, he volunteered additional details and insight on every one. That's right. He still remembers every touchdown, whether it was the formation, the move of the receiver, the mistake by the defender. He can recall the play, or the circumstance, as if it happened yesterday.
There's a surprise recipient of one those TDs and the answer to what happened to Rodgers' 100th TD ball.


Rodger's deep ball proficiency and his remarkable recollection of specific plays have been amply reported in the past.

The interesting development, largely unreported, is the Packers eschewing the deep ball in recent weeks.

As noted previously in other threads, Rodgers did not throw a ball that traveled more than 15 yards past the line of scrimmage against the Lions. Against Tampa, by my count there were only 2 throws past 20 yards, with the longest under 25 yds.

Was this development intended to get the ball away quickly to protect Rodgers from getting hit and aggravating the calf injury? Was Rodgers having trouble throwing the deep ball in practice with that banged up wheel? Or was it a rediscovered appreciation for West Coast principles, running 4 in combo routes against 4 or 5 defenders under the safeties for high percentage passes?

For me, this is the most interesting story line going forward against Dallas and particularly Seattle.
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