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Mar 7, 2005
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We have noticed a increase of things happening that I think people need to re-read our rules.​
I thought putting it here, people will see it better and maybe we won't have the same issues happening...​
Hopefully now we wont have any problems in people not knowing the rules​
Personal Attacks:
We have had a rash of situations pop up that should be addressed again! We have no problem with outrage at Ted and others for what has happened, and you are more than welcome to voice your displeasure. However, we are not going to tolerate name calling or personal attacks on other people just because you disagree with their point of view. That goes for those that agree with Ted, and those that do not agree with Ted.

Content We Do NOT Allow Here:
There are a couple of topics that we DO NOT allow here under any circumstances. The following topics will be closed immediately and the users warned; politics, religion and ****** preference. There are PLENTY of other sites around the Internet for users to talk about these topics. This is NOT one of those sites.

Spelling Mistakes and Typos:
If anyone here every has an issue with how someone types, spells, please do not point out the mistakes in the forum. Send that person a pm please. Your going to open up a whole mess that no one wants to deal with. Be respectful of the person and not embarrass them in front of their fellow Packer and NFL fans.

Stop Making Duplicate Threads, USE SEARCH:
Stop making new threads on stuff that is being discussed already. I am tired of merging threads. We have a fire MM thread. We have a special teams thread. We have a thread with everything you want to discuss. Take the extra 2 minutes and find them. This is a serious one since it takes a lot of time for the moderators to continuously merge threads that have been duplicated over and over again.

Posting Articles:
There has been a number of occasions where a user wants to post an article from another site. We are completely IN FAVOR of posting articles from another since that creates a good discussion on this site. However, there are some guidelines that need to be followed.

The most basic concept when posting articles from another site is to NOT copy the entire article and post it on this site. Ideally, you would ONLY be copying the first couple of paragraphs with a link back to the original article. Also, you should wrap those couple of paragraphs in a quote tag.

The one thing that NEVER should be done is copying articles from PAY sites. We do not allow this at all and could get us in trouble if we post content from paid sites.

Site that Stream NFL Games:
We do NOT under any circumstance allow people to post links to streaming NFL games. Furthermore, we do not offer ANY form of advertising to sites that stream content. As with all serious offenses, you will get banned immediately if you create a thread or post with links to these types of sites in your signature or within the content of your created thread/post. If you are trying to find places that WILL be showing the Packer games, you can check out the following site:

At the end of the day, this is a PACKER site. So any members who sole purpose is to create chaos and smack talk will find their stay SHORT LIVED. Sorry, but I just don't care about what you stand for. My main concern is about the Packers and the members of this site. However, you will get at least ONE warning to see if you can clean up your act. After that, bye bye for good.

Jersey Sale Sites:
I have seen these posts, random suggestions, signature links long enough and an official rule needs to be made. We are no longer allowing ANYONE to post jersey sites in POSTS, SIGNATURES or ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE SITE. Please listen to this warning. We are going to immediately ban new members that come here and post these links. Existing members will get ONE warning.

Members Trying to Advertise in Posts or Signatures:
The bottom line is that we DO NOT allow users to advertise with out PERMISSION from the site admin. We do make exceptions for ESTABLISHED members to advertise in their signatures or create a thread about whatever they are trying to sell. New members will NOT be allowed to advertise anything and will receive an IMMEDIATE warning. Second offense will most likely result in a BAN.

Conversations (Private Messages):
Please do not use this system to send out mass spam messages. This will result in an immediate ban. Because at the end of the day, no one cares what you are selling. If they did, you wouldn't have to advertise that way in the first place.

Multiple Usernames/Accounts:
Starting at this point, the registering of multiple screen names for the any purpose other than technical malfunction is strictly prohibited. Anyone who purposely creates multiple usernames in order to 'mock' another user will be banned or have their account suspended.

This creates unnecessary stress on the database, and ruins the "recently registered users" feature. At that point it was much more difficult to monitor IP address usage of multiple names, so people continued to ignore the rule and get away with it. This new software makes it much easier to figure out who's using what, so if I suspect you're using multiple names I will look into it.

Everyone knows that we have never been sticklers about anything. I probably have edited/deleted only a handful of posts and banned a handful of people since I have been here, but this is a site quality issue. When people rig the reps, polls, etc. it ruins many of the features the site has to offer. YOU ONLY NEED ONE USERNAME. PICK ONE AND DO NOT CHANGE. If I find out that someone is logging in under four or five names to rig polls or damage someone's rep, I'm going to ban you.

Posting Getty Images:
This Policy is extremely simple: DO NOT USE IMAGES FROM GETTY IMAGES. Anyone can do simple searches through Google Images and find a suitable replacement. The previous owner was hit was a C&D from their attorney. I do not want to have to deal with that process. If you suspect an image is from the Getty Images, please send an Admin or Mod a PM so we can deal with that situation.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:
Make sure to read the following pages for additional information about the site:

*This post is subject to change without notice or warning...

By all means, any questions or comments feel free...

One thing people dont understand is if an entire article is posted this forum could get in trouble for it..Do YOU want to be the reason why the forum gets in trouble just because you wanted to post an entire article??


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