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Packers News and Notes: Finely overrated?

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by Travis Duncan, Feb 21, 2012.

By Travis Duncan on Feb 21, 2012 at 4:21 PM
  1. Travis Duncan

    Travis Duncan Cheesehead

    Sep 2, 2011

    -KC Joyner of ESPN writes that Jermichael Finley is an overrated tight end.

    And before you even read the article you can guess that the explanation is that he's in a great system with a great quarterback.

    Well you would be right.

    Joyner actually writes, "Finley is by far the leading potential unrestricted tight end in free agency, an achievement that would normally be a huge plus, but it really doesn't accurately reflect his performance level. In fact, saying Finley is one of the best tight ends in the league really overstates the case. If one reviews his numbers with an objective eye, it becomes clear that he falls well short of being a top-notch tight end."

    He continues, "If these numbers are viewed in a vacuum, they are solid, but remember that these are the numbers Finley posted in an Aaron Rodgers-led offense while Rodgers was setting an all-time record in passer rating (122.5) and becoming only the fifth quarterback since 1990 to tally a yards per attempt (YPA) total of 9 yards or higher (9.2).

    So there you have it, Finley is overrated in the eyes of Joyner and a few other folks (See thread "Let Finley become a free agent) .

    But what's so wrong about paying a guy who caught 55 balls and 8 TDs last season the big bucks?

    As Paul Imig of FoxSports Wisconsin writes, the issue is not whether Finley will be a Packer next season, it's whether or not they want to franchise tag him or lock him up with a long-term deal.

    Finley's agent will argue that if the Packers do tag him, he should be tagged as a wide receiver rather than tight end, because of how Finley is used in the Packers offense. That of course would mean more money for Finley. Pro Football Weekly reports the price difference would be $4 million.

    -Speaking of overrated, the NFL Combine will take place this week. The annual pre-draft showcase held in Indianapolis will be as made-for-TV this year as it ever has been.

    Steve Silverman of CBS argues the NFL combine is a waste of time.

    He writes, "The most valuable information that teams get at the combine are the heights and weights of each player. The NFL does a great job of standardizing this information so one team doesn’t have a prospective first-round linebacker 6-4 and 248 pounds while another team has him 6-3 and 231 pounds. Those things make a difference."

    And of course the NFL combine, will also be a chance for fans and media to mercilessly attempt to humiliate prospects with the leakage of inane Wonderlic test scores.

    -The sale of Canadian shares of the Green Bay Packers are now on sale and will remain available for purchase at $250 (U.S.) plus a $35 processing fee until Feb. 28th. As has been re-hashed quite a bit in the last few months, the purchase doesn't yield any dividends, and can't be sold unless you sale the stock back to the Packers.

    But such is the uniqueness of the only community owned NFL franchise.

    Recently the Green Bay Press Gazette highlighted the task for Packers management:balancing a community owned franchise with the ultra-corporate NFL. One such measure to keep pace is a $143 million stadium expansion which is being financed by the stock sale. Much of the work in the Press Gazette's article focuses on the departure and shifting of several high level executives. The concern is that decisions will be made, not with the best interest of Packers fans in mind, and not by men or women with deep ties to the Packer community.

    -The Wisconsin state Assembly on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution to call Dec. 12, 2012, Aaron Rodgers Day. The resolution has now been sent to the state Senate. Via the AP.

    -The future of center Scott Wells has been a topic in recent days following a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Wells will likely not be a Packer anymore.

    Bob McGinn writes, "Wells is being told by the Green Bay Packers that he has overvalued himself as an undersized, 31-year-old center no matter how well he has played for them. Wells basically is telling the team, ‘Watch what happens.’”

    -Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings recently spoke with The USA TODAY on a variety of topics before he heads on a mission trip to Africa. The 28-year old was asked if he is starting to think about life after football.

    He said, "The further in you get, the more of a toll it takes on your body and you feel it after the season when you start your workout regimens. I noticed that I definitely have to stretch a lot more before I jump into different workouts. It feels good to get some longevity, but at the same time you know what's happening because you can feel it."

    -The Washington Redskins are reportedly one team which is not interested in Matt Flynn, instead they are focusing on acquiring Peyton Manning.

    That's all for now, check back later this week when we'll have some information on the NFL Combine.
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Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by Travis Duncan, Feb 21, 2012.

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