June 2nd Interviews - McCarthy,Collins,Gado,Ruvell Martin...


Aug 16, 2005
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Coach McCarthy - special teams is very competitive(returning). The Strength and Conditioning aspect is going very well. Pretty much had a lot of good things to say about everyone. nothing really big(as you would guess).

Nick Collins - Said he is comfortable, and the defense will finish what it started last year. also, he said the defense is pretty much the exact same as last years. Said "no comment" when asked if he will be at the next OTAs.

Samkon Gado - Feels like a rookie, and has to impress the head coach again. He said he isn't seeing the results he would like to see(from himself).

Jason Horton - It was hard to hear during this interview, something about a surgery he had...and that he feels great to be back out there.

Ruvell Martin - Said he can only control his own fate, and its up to him to know everything he can know, etc. He seems confident. He said he knows he can play the game, and that it is only a surprise to the media that he is playing very well. He doesn't seem cocky at all, despite how some of the things he said could be taken that way. Said he has to be a huge contributor on special teams.

Jon Ryan - Said he has been competing hard since march 20th. He is used to punting in bad weather. His speed is getting better. He is fine tuning his game, no big changes.

Nothing really newsworthy, I was bored...


Apr 18, 2005
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Long Island, New York
Caught these the other day when I was bored looking at Packers.com

I love watching the Gado interviews, the guy is just so well-spoken, I love to see that.

I was laughing pretty hard when Nick Collins said "no comment". That guy is gangsta.

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