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Dec 12, 2004
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Green Bay, WI
Here's an article I submitted. :)
Zero2Cool said:
Let’s hypothetically say Tiger Woods purchases an Arena Football team with monetary proceedings going directly to the Tiger Woods Foundation. Every year before the season starts he holds a news conference stating his appreciation for the support of the team and his foundation. Would you expect Tiger Woods to announce his career status with the PGA at this news conference? Not a chance. So why would we believe Brett Favre (who has played football his entire life has football is in his blood and is a loyally fierce competitor) announce his career status with the NFL during a news conference for his charity golf tournament were his family was not scheduled to be present?

Combined with the immense desire to know his future with journalists who don’t firmly believe in objective writings; you would believe it. Why? Because you trust the writer to give you an objective perception of their content. Unfortunately that is what happened with this news conference turned ‘breaking news’ type hype. Deanna Favre’s assistant (I feel was trying to get some pub of her own) said a few comments to reporter/s who took the story and ran with it.

Brett is not your typical character, believe you me, I know this. He could retire at anytime and anyplace he chooses. With that said, He will not choose to retire without it being the proper atmosphere. His wife and children will be there at his side. At the very least, his wife (which he has made it clear his decision to retire or continue playing will be based on what is best for him and his family) will be there. We should all know that much by now.

Brett’s news conference did give me the impression he has a helluva strong desire to play and an even stronger desire to not have another 4 – 12 season. The man has lost some confidence. In himself and his team. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy ought to assemble some film showing a large percentage of his mistakes were not necessarily ‘his’ fault. For instance Robert ‘Alligator Arms’ Ferguson helped increase his interception total and ran the wrong route which also resulted in turnovers. After showing him that footage and restoring his confidence I would then show footage of players like Samkon Gado, Donald Driver, Bubba Franks, William Henderson, Nick Collins, Aaron Kampman, Colin Cole and the many others who are doing a good job so he can reestablish confidence in his current team. Even the clip of Rod Gardener leaping over a Cornerback would be great for him to have refreshed in his mind.

When I decided to write this article for today I must admit I wasn’t planning on a objective article. I wanted to write something that would show you how easy it is to make others believe your perception while pretending to base your comments on 'facts'. I for one am glad I chose the high road.

For those curious minds who wonder what the subject would have been. The article was to be geared in the direction that Brett had his wife’s personal assistant word comments to reporters to get people’s attention about his possible retirement in order to grab the attention of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy as if to say “HEY! Do something quick! I still have the itch. Show me through free agency that you want me.â€