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Dec 7, 2011
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Land 'O Lakes
As I've stated elsewhere, I think that the youth and inexperience of the team is the greatest reason for our slow start to 2023. However, there certainly is enough blame to spread around to the coaching staff. In his press conference the other day, LaFleur essentially said that the offensive play calls have stayed pretty vanilla because the players need to focus on better execution before the staff can move on to introducing more calls that may confuse the players even more. While I agree to some extent, I might disagree with the vanilla calls being made.

In any case, whom of the top three coaches should take the most heat for the team's play right now - Matt LeFleur, Joe Barry, or Adam Stenavich?

I listed them in order that I would lay the blame at the moment. I think that if the offense could sustain drives and put up some points (even FGs), our defense would be better. However, maybe Stenavich deserves more of the blame for not being able to implement more of the offense and offensive execution.

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