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Gute Loot
Jan 21, 2017
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I noticed that Dane Brugler came out with his top 50 list. Jeremiah's is obviously out there as well, as is Zierlein's (implied) via his grades. There are a lot of names out there in the prospect ranking business, but these are three that I really value in terms of their insights (not equally, but I like all three). So I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I averaged out their rankings. Below is the aggregate of their grades.

It's imperfect. Ideally if you were going to do this, you'd have, say, a top 100 from each analyst. However, as it is, I gave a prospect a "51" if they were not ranked on one of the boards. So things get a little strange at the back end, as there are guys who two did not rank, but one rated relatively highly, so they made it over people that all three ranked relatively low (e.g. Deon Cain and D.J. Moore are on over Dante Pettis and Courtland Sutton because one analyst ranked the former two at 30th overall).

All that said, the majority is composed of guys that all three had on their boards, and thus is a good reflection of their collective opinions. What this really does is penalize the guys that are outlier favorites such as Da'Ron Payne for Zierlein (7th for him, but 20th and 24th for the other two) or Josh Allen for Jeremiah (his 14th, but 29th and 34th for the others). It also reveals who is widely respected, and thus hopefully eliminates some errors or blindspots.

Here it is:
  1. Q. Nelson, G, ND
  2. S. Barkley, RB, PSU
  3. B. Chubb, ED, NCSU
  4. S. Darnold, QB, USC
  5. M. Fitzpatrick, DB, UA
  6. T. Edmunds, LB, VTU
  7. D. James, S, FSU
  8. D. Ward, CB, OSU
  9. J. Rosen, QB, UCLA
  10. V. Vea, DT, UW
  11. R. Smith, LB, UGA
  12. C. Ridley, WR, UA
  13. R. Jones, RB, USC
  14. B. Mayfield, QB, OK
  15. D. Payne, DT, UA
  16. D. Guice, RB, LSU
  17. J. Jackson, CB, IOWA
  18. M. Davenport, ED, UTSA
  19. M. Hurst, DT, UM
  20. J. Allen, QB, WYO
  21. M. Hughes, CB, UCF
  22. C. Williams, OT, UT
  23. I. Wynn, OL, UGA
  24. T. Bryan, DT, FLA
  25. J. Daniels, C, IOWA
  26. B. Price, OL, OSU
  27. R. Evans, LB, UA
  28. J. Alexander, CB, LOU
  29. O. Brown, OT, OK
  30. H. Landry, ED, BC
  31. R. Harrison, S, UA
  32. L. Jackson, QB, LOU
  33. S. Michel RB, UGA
  34. W. Hernandez, G, UTEP
  35. M. McGlinchey, OT, ND
  36. I. Oliver, CB, COL
  37. L. Vander Esch, LB, BSU
  38. S. Hubbard, ED, OSU
  39. D. Goedert, TE, SDSU
  40. C. Kirk, WR, TAMU
  41. K. Johnson, RB, AUB
  42. H. Phillips, DT, STAN
  43. D. Jackson, CB, LSU
  44. C. Davis, CB, AUB
  45. H. Hurst, TE, SCAR
  46. R. Green, ED, USC
  47. D. Moore, WR, MAR
  48. D. Cain, WR, CLEM
  49. A. Key, ED, LSU
  50. M. Gesicki, TE, PSU
A few notes from the numbers...

Most Consistently Graded (outside of top 5, which was very consistent):
  • D. James (11, 11, 11)
  • R. Jones (12, 17, 13)
  • J. Jackson (18, 23, 18)
  • J. Daniels (25, 32, 31)
  • I. Oliver (36, 36, 38)
Most Helped by One Analyst:
  • D. Payne (DJ: 24; DB: 20; LZ: 7)
  • C. Williams (DJ: 17; DB: 28; LZ: 35)
  • R. Evans (DJ: 27; DB: 49; LZ: 15)
  • R. Harrison (DJ: 38; DB: 45; LZ: 16)
  • L. Vander Esch (DJ: 40; DB: N/A; LZ: 21)
  • D. Jackson (DJ: 20; DB: N/A; LZ: 48)
  • D. Moore (DJ: N/A; DB: 30; LZ: N/A)
  • D. Cain (DJ: N/A; DB: N/A; LZ: 30)
Most Hurt by One Analyst:
  • D. Ward (DJ: 8; DB: 6; LZ: 22)
  • J. Rosen (DJ: 7; DB: 9; LZ: 17)
  • V. Vea (DJ: 9; DB: 16; LZ: 9)
  • R. Smith (DJ: 19; DB: 7; LZ: 8)
  • B. Mayfield (DJ: 13; DB: 8; LZ: 26)
  • M. Davenport (DJ: 10; DB: 14; LZ: 40)
  • J. Alexander (DJ: 23; DB: 19; LZ: N/A)
  • W. Hernandez (DJ: N/A; DB: 27; LZ: 25)
So clearly Zierlein is the biggest wildcard of the bunch. One wonders if he would fall more in line if he actually sat down with his grades and created an actual top 50. Clearly he hold Alabama players in higher regard than the other two. He was highest by a good margin on Ridley, Payne, Evans, and Harrison. But nevertheless, some interesting results.

This is all sure to change, especially after the combine, but I thought it might be a good idea to have their thoughts posted permanently. I can do this again after the combine and see how things have moved around.

I continue to covet one of the players in the top 12 of this list, and it seems that GB will have an opportunity to draft one, which is exciting.


Sep 27, 2010
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I continue to covet one of the players in the top 12 of this list, and it seems that GB will have an opportunity to draft one, which is exciting.
Edmunds? I have given up hope he will be available.

I love that an OG is #1. I would love for him to fall to us. How good must he be to be rated that high as a guard?

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