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Dear Vikings Fans,

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by theheadcheese.com, Nov 23, 2010.

By theheadcheese.com on Nov 23, 2010 at 1:45 PM
  1. theheadcheese.com

    theheadcheese.com Cheesehead

    Sep 23, 2010
    This one's on you. It's not on Brad Childress. It's not on a bunch of overpaid Pro Bowlers. When the vast majority of you gleefully welcomed the gray haired texter into your arms last year, you were making a deal with the devil. You crossed a line that fans should never cross.

    For 16 years you watched Brett Favre perform his magic with the Packers. You hated the fact that Titletown was relevant again and that we had the biggest star in the game. A QB that provided breathless moments and maddening moments, but he never missed a game and helped bring the Vince Lombardi home where it belongs.

    Since your team was very good most of these years under Denny and Tice and Chilly, the rivalry got more and more intense each year, putting the Bears rivalry in the rear view mirror. It reached a point where your team decided to go after some of our best players, like Kampman, Sharper and Longwell.

    We took it as a source of pride. If you can't beat the best, try to sign their players. Fine. If Ryan Longwell decides he'd rather kick indoors, I can't blame him. Even though he left Titletown as the team's all-time leading scorer, seeing your kicker go to your rival is just part of the game.

    But when the Favre-Packers divorce went down, Brett tried to make a play to join the Purple. It didn't work and he had to deal with the trade to New York. By retiring for the third or fourth time after his season with the Jets, he had maneuvered the system to allow himself to be a free agent. Now he was ready to join the Purple--a talented team, yes, but mostly because he could stick it to Ted Thompson and the Packers organization.

    A small minority of you were appalled. You could never, would never root for that guy. He was a Packer. Case closed. I admire that resolve. If Brian Urlacher joined the Pack, I would puke. But no, the vast majority of you couldn't buy your purple #4 jerseys fast enough. Forget the fact that you hated (though maybe admired) him for 16 years, no he was one of you, so life was great. He was on the field facing the Chiefs in a preseason game within 72 hours of becoming a Viking, and there were thousands of #4 jerseys in the stands.

    Ah, but the football gods weren't having any of it. Terry Bradshaw didn't play for the Cleveland Browns. John Elway didn't play for the Raiders. Joe Montana didn't play for the Cowboys. Hall of Fame, top 10 all time QBs don't do this. If you allow this to happen, revel in this, you will reap what you sow.

    First the football gods let you believe you were being delivered to the Promised Land. You got agonizingly close to the Super Bowl--only to see ol' #4 provide another championship overtime miscue. Then when you were happy to see your team do whatever it took to convince him to come back one more time, the football gods let the bottom fall out. Complete implosion: injuries, off-field indiscretions, bickering in the locker room.

    It had to end this way. After Chilly's inevitable firing, the dust is settling, the ashes are still smoking and you are looking at what's happened to your team in ten months time. You are uncertain about your team's future. Who will be your QB next season? Your coach? Will any of the free agents return? You're back to square one. Most of us hope you get back on your feet quickly. This is a fantastic rivalry that's only fun when both teams are good.

    Meanwhile, the Packers are poised to compete for a Super Bowl this year and for many years to come. I know it hurts. And I'd really like to feel sorry for you.

    But I can't.

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Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by theheadcheese.com, Nov 23, 2010.

    1. ilovemypackers
      What I find amazing is that the Vikings fans are appalled that the Packers fans aren't giving them any sympathy...they actual think we should feel sorry for them because their team and organization has crumbled! They have such short or selective memories! Last year I was POUNDED by Vikes fans when Favre made his move and the pounding continued throughout the 2009 season. And into post season, and into the offseason. It only stopped when the Vikes went 1-3.

      Then is was, woe is me, this is so painful. How can you possibly celebrate your team when ours has such a difficult year?

      Well, it's easy! We are having a magical season and part of that magic includes the self mutilation of the Vikings.
      Vikes fans don't like it? Tough! I'm not tip-toe'ing around them because they have problems. I hope they continue to spiral to the bottom depths of the NFL and stay there!
      Now....do you want to know how I really feel? lol
    2. bigboxcar
    3. theheadcheese.com
      I love that horn! I'm using it on my show this weekend!

    4. longtimefan
      I am ENJOYING every last minute of all the troubles they are having..Why?

      One reason and one reason only.

      Brett Favre Message Board • Index page

      99% of the posters there rubbed it in the faces of Packer fans all last year.

      Even the man that runs it, or owns it, or what ever had a face book post that said..I hope Brett doesn't beat the Packers two times this year, last year was so boring. Duanne got his wish...sucks doesn't it?

      One thing that was brought up by them was KARMA.... .

      A few blamed all the Packers injuries on "karma" for the way the Pack treated Brett... ( some said it,not all of them and not the "official" word, but posters tended to agree with the concept) Well, if thats the line of thinking, then what is it for the Vikings now?

      Maybe karma knows Brett was more to blame for the divorce, that's why karma is making the Vikings suffer even more? Sounds silly, right? but that's their line of thinking..

      Then the whole excuse machine for Brett, but wont use same logic for Rodgers..Their reasoning is so far off when it comes to the two I swear they are brain washed by the pied piper...The main man of the site Duanne or DPHX

      And if they dont make the playoffs (face it, its a LONG shot but still possible) if they dont make the playoffs, I am going to laugh so hard I am going to cry....Serves the FANS right, that's THEIR karma..

      I owe all my hatred for the Vikings, and Brett this year, to the people that support him the most..

      Hell---I am willing to bet that if his supporters weren't LIARS ( yes you Duanne), spin machines, and half off their rockers when it comes to rational thinking, I am willing to bet I would feel sorry for Brett.

      Maybe the Pack miss playoffs, if that happens so be it...

      but the Vikings did EXACTLY what Brett wanted for 2 years, got the players, let him skip camp all that, and what did it get them?

      Karma laughing at them and making them suffer
    5. Pegger Packer
      Pegger Packer
      HAHAHAHA! That Vikings Sad Horn is AWESOME.
    6. bigboxcar
      Hey theheadcheese.com! Did not recognize you as DS. Love your Pack previews on KFAN. Glad you like the horn! Look forward to hearing it on the show.
    7. theheadcheese.com
      Thanks, as of now, producer Gaardsy is refusing to have anything to do with the horn. I may have to twist his arm.
    8. IluvGB
      ESPECIALLY ex-Packer fans!

      I ask you,..were they tip-toe'ing last year??!?! Hardly!!!

      as far as BF retiring as a Packer, he made a deal with the devil and crossed a line that he should of never have crossed. Let the queens have him. That is IF he ever retires!
    9. longtimefan

      Case in point

      A post over there

      Umm hello

      Has that person ever seen Tony Cornhole, or even Gruden on BretT?

      They are leader sin Brett slupperies
    10. PackersRS
      The Vikings represent everything that is evil.
      They sold their soul to Brett Favre. Their players didn't care for OTAs, for putting the hard work during offseason.
      They tried to buy a championship team, with trades and FA acquisitions, disregarding team chemistry.

      This victory is for everything that is good in sports. It's about the small city team, about building through the draft, about putting the work in the offseason, about team chemistry and believing in your own, even when they struggle.
    11. gbforever
      Funny how Favre has now created a worse situation than the one he thought was so terrible in GB.

      I couldn't have scripted a better ending to Favre's run with the dark side. I don't think anyone will want him after this season. his career is finished.:viksux:

      He made a deal with the purple devil and now he's staring into the face of the reaper.

      In the end Favre is still making great contributions to the Packers sucess by destroying the future of those purple wanabees.

      :viksux::viksux::viksux::viksux::viksux::viksux: one for each world chapionship the packers have over the vikes, suck it vike fans!!!
    12. PFanCan
      You all are idiots, of course.

      This wasn't Brett's fault. It was ALL the fault of any or all of the below:

      1. His receivers fell down
      2. His ankle
      3. His coach
      4. Ted Thompson
      5. The cold weather
      6. He just loves the game, man
      7. His shoulder
      8. Damned O-line. They suck
      9. His other coach
      10. His other ankle
      11. George Bush
      12. His receiver ran the wrong route
      13. Carpal tunnel texting syndrome
      14. Adrian Peterson's fumbles
      15. Tipped balls
      16. Illegal hit
      17. Clay does steroids
      18. Wisconsin
      19. Needed Moss
      20. Just an unfair target of Packer hatred
      21. Receivers cannot catch
      22. Team is bad
      23. Deanna apparently doesn't put out enough
      24. Did you see that bruise on his ankle?
      25. Heart not in it
      26. Global warming
      27. Turnovers don't really matter
      28. Other team roughed him up too much
      29. Bad play calling
      30. He single-handedly brought the SB to GB in '96, isn't that enough?
      31. QB ratings don't mean a thing. It's a team sport
      32. Don't you know that Lombardi finished his coaching career at Washington? Why is this any different?
      33. He doesn't owe the Packers a thing, but Ted was a horrible guy. Is this how you treat family?
      34. Aaron Rodgers needed to learn on his own. It is not a veteran's job to be a role model and teacher!
      35. And most of all, the GB Fans. My goodness, why are they not still cheering for the old man now that he plays QB for GB's divisional rivals??? After all that Brett did for the fans: The support he gave all of us during his crisis with drugs, with his beloved wife's breast cancer, with the death of his father, with the unexpected death of a family member. We owed him. 16 winning seasons in 17 is all because of him. The game ending INTs were not (see list above).

      How can anyone not like this guy when all he wants to do is have some fun and ride his tractor!

      Until GB Fans understand this basic fact, we will never be on the same page as Viking fans and the national media (though it seems the media is starting to remove their rosy glasses lately...)
    13. longtimefan
      Some of those fit as a Packer and a JET
    14. PFanCan
      I just finished reading an article that was critical of Brett Favre's performance this year. The VERY FIRST reader to post a response is quoted below:

      "lets face it, out of the 17 int 6 of them were not his fault: his receivers fell down (against bears), his receivers caught a good pass and got stripped (against new england)-Harvin, that one cost them the game probably. His receiver ran the wrong route against dolphins, just to name a few. His fumbles, out of 5 fumbles 3 of them were not his fault from the games or highlights i saw. The vikings have bunch of lazy players. ... now we clearly see who Brett's teammates really are. They suck!"

      LOL! This guy used several excuses directly off my list!

      Also, I need to add to my master list:

      36. Fumbles aren't his fault (no reason given)
    15. IluvGB
      WOW! ding ding ding!! You nailed it! I'm sure each and every one of these excuses has been used at one point or another, and will no doubt be used throughout the rest of his career!
      MY favorites,...#10, 11 (HILARIOUS!), 23, 31, 33 and 35.
      Not neccessarily in that order!
      I want to make this into a T-shirt! Starting on the front,..to be cont. on the back... heck even down the sleeves!!
      What a great way to start the morning!:happy0005:
    16. PackersRS
      PFanCan, you forgot the most important one:

      The refs. It's all the refs fault.
      Oh, and Roger Goodell wanted the SB to go to post-Katrina New Orleans. The Vikings never had a real chance.
    17. IluvGB

      See!!! Thats where the sleeves come in!!!

      tooo funny!!!
    18. DevilDon
      Personally I'm delighted to see that you caught Global Warming, it's never been mentioned but we all know how it's put that erratic flight to the ball on his passes, the one where it carries right to a defender. I think the ball is lighter in warm air. Even in a Dome!
    19. longtimefan
      I seen some Viking fans form OBF claim all season that Brett was reason for their wins because he was calling plays or had no input..

      Now the new HC says he wants Bretts input...Now those same fans are claiming thats why they were losing, cuz Brett couldnt give input

      That site is so full of horse crap its not even funny..

      One day they love Jason Whitlock, and he is the BEST reporter cuz he sucks on the tit of Brett and said Ted Thompson sucks.....Now they cant stand him cuz he said Ted was right and Brett was wrong..

      What can you expect from literal Brett crotch sniffers

      I know people will be pissed I am going to post these, but I cant stand them and this gross behavior needs to be made public

      His pants and jersey from tossing 500 tds was at a "private party"




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