Body Language Is Revealing


Jun 6, 2005
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On several occasions, Brett heaved a sigh and slumped his shoulders when the play came in from the sideline. And the resultant playcall seemed to bear out his concerns as they were typically ineffective given down and distance...and urgency of the moment. After the game, he skips his press conference. Sherman has had the team to this point, but has his QB, who has publicly displayed support previously, finally realized he is being led down a tunnel without light at the end?

Look, net...yes, part of the problem is Favre forcing it...but who is calling that play? If the other receivers are unable to break open, which is becoming increasingly clear, he has no other choice than to try to find Driver in double. Effective use of the TEs would help with that problem, but apparently we do not use them in the MS/TR version of the West Coast offense. You know, that pesky little offensive scheme where TEs were considered critical prior to MS/TR getting their dirty little fingers all over it.

Yes, net, I am admitting that Favre is part of the problem, by no choice of his own...he is the last man standing on that offense with Driver being neutralized by double teams and the TEs forgotten. When will you begin to concede that his offense was outcoached in consecutive second halves of the Queens games. You cannot leave a defense on the field as long as ours was both times and expect any diffeent outcome.

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