Bobby Tonyan


Oct 28, 2015
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Rather than asking him how he prefers to be addressed he just starts calling him Bobby and introducing him as such. No respect for others. Boy what a crappy teammate.;)
I know you are being funny... but it’s sad that this is exactly what some people do in here to demonize him at times.

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Given the Salary cap constraints, I would say this is probably the best plan to try and retain him. After reading the posted article, he seems very content in Green Bay, so hopefully that won't upset him too much.

Bobby shouldn't be upset by being offered close to $4 million. Keep in mind that he could still negotiate with another team in that case possibly forcing the Packers to pay him more money to retain him.

In addition he would be in line for a lucrative contract in 2022 if he performs on a similar level next year.

Within our system and especially if fiscally able to retain Jamaal, Jones just isn't worth the tag it would/will take to keep him.

Teams shouldn't pay huge money to a running back no matter the system.

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