Arrigo's FINAL Packers Mock V.8.0


Feb 5, 2010
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So. Cal
Here is my FINAL mock before the NFL draft. I wanted to get the last one done early and enjoy the rest of the draft process.

Packers will receive a 4th round comp pick for Cullen Jenkins, a 4th for Daryn Colledge, a 7th for Brandon Jackson & Jason Spitz to go along with the Jets 7th round pick they obtained at the end of training camp.

This draft I see Thompson focusing on the defense but trying to add quality players when he can on offense. I also think if Thompson has the opportunity and at the right price, he'll move up in just about any round to get that player. With the salary cap getting tighter (with all the FA signings) and roster size limited, this scenario is possible and one to watch on the draft days.

I do not do trades in my mock because know one really knows how much a team values a player and what they would give up (see the Redskins this year for example).

I think the following players will be traded/cut/released, not re-signed or retire:

Chad Clifton
Scott Wells (Signed by St. Louis)
Matt Flynn (Signed by Seattle)

Ryan Grant
Howard Green
Erik Walden
Frank Zombo
Pat Lee (signed by Oakland)

I think the following players will be back or have been re-signed:

JerMichael Finley (re-signed 2 years $14+ million)
Nick Collins (neck injury)
Donald Driver (restructured contract)
Jarrett Bush (re-signed 3years undisclosed dollar amount)Jeff Saturday (2 years $7.7 million)
Daniel Muir
Tony Hargrove

Demetrius Bell (prediction)

Final Packers Mock V.8.0

Round 1- (#28) - Whitney Mercilus OLB Illinois:

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The Packers need to find a player to bookend Clay Matthews III, who can get to the QB. Mercilus can do that. He is an outstanding athlete that has a great burst, always hustles and gives a second and even third effort. He has the ability to cause fumbles as well as rush from the inside (and outside). At times he let's OL engage him and has trouble disengaging them. Has to play with better pad level (lower) and needs to be coached up on pass rush moves. Also has to show he can cover. If the Packers wanted a "Packers Person" opposite of Matthews III, Mercilus is him. He is a go-getter with a motor that Kevin Greene will enjoy coaching up. Mercilus may go higher, but from some things I gathered from a few scouting people I know, he very well could be there when the Packers pick at #28.

Round 2- (#59) – Kendall Reyes DT Connecticut:

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The Packers need to upgrade their 5 technique position and have with the signing of Tony Hargrove but Reyes would be a great value pick at this juncture in the draft. Reyes should be there and could be the guy to help the Packers out big time. He had a nice combine and solid production at UConn. He would be an instant upgrade over Jarius Wynn and CJ Wilson and would battle for a starting role with Hargrove.. He has the frame to add weight and the athleticism to be a force in time.

Round 3- (#90) – LaMichael James RB Oregon:

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LaMichael James has the physical tools and skillset needed to be one of the best No. 2, change-of-pace backs in the NFL. He doesn't offer the size, bulk, or power needed to be a starting back capable of carrying the full load, however as a playmaking scat back capable of catching the ball out of the backfield and returning on special teams, he has what it takes to find a niche with the Packers and have a successful career at the next level. With James Starks and Alex Green yet to play a full season due to injury, James could be a new type of weapon for Mike McCarthy and the high powered Packers offense.

Round 4- (#123) – Omar Bolden CB Arizona State:

Assuming he can come back from his injury well and stays healthy at the next level, which may be a lot to ask, Omar Bolden has the talent, athleticism, and skillset needed to develop into a solid starting cornerback in the NFL. He may never be a Pro Bowler, however he has nice upside if he can stay on the field and if he didn't have durability questions, he would likely be drafted a lot higher than he will in April.

Round 4- (#132) (Compensatory) – DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama:

DeQuan Menzie is a versatile defensive back with the physical tools, instincts, and polished game needed to play in the NFL. After playing nickel back against the slot on passing downs in 2011 for the Tide, Menzie has the tools to develop a niche here, as well as on special teams, early in his career. He has the upside to potentially develop into a solid No. 2 starting cornerback in a zone coverage or Cover-2 scheme for a team where he would be given the ability to make plays around the line of scrimmage. He also offers potential as a safety prospect and I would not be surprised to see him up for the role or position and tried at safety first. Considering the way the Packers use their safeties, Menzie could be a sleeper.

Round 4- (#133) (Compensatory) – Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin:

Russell Wilson is a player that I am a big fan of not only this year, but when he was at NC State. If he were three inches taller, he'd have a first round grade from me, however because of the physical limitation that he has with his lack of height, he is going to have some trouble at the next level. As Drew Brees has shown, it's not impossible to have successful pro career despite being a shorter-than-average quarterback, however the odds are against him. Russell Wilson is a player that I would consider drafting with a Top 150 selection as a player that I could develop into my system, let him take a year or two to adjust to playing in the NFL. He has all of the leadership, work ethic, and all-around intangibles to take a starting opportunity and run with it, it's just a question of how his lack of height limits him. With the amount of shotgun the Packers use and playing behind the Wisconsin line last year, Wilson could surprise many and become a starting NFL QB under the watchful eyes of Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements.

Round 5- (#163) – Antonio Allen S South Carolina:

In the NFL, I believe that Antonio Allen can have success as a fifth defensive back, or in a similar "Spur" position that he played at South Carolina. This would be a position that his defensive coordinator would have to create specifically for him, a third safety position, as I don't see Antonio fitting into a prototypical strong safety position. If given the opportunity to play around the scrimmage in a nickel back role, I believe that he has what it takes to be a valuable player in defending the run, however he must develop better instincts and learn the nuances of playing the strong safety position from his position coach in order to have success playing in coverage at the next level. As a pure strong safety, he projects as a backup who will make a strong impact on special teams, however I believe that he has the skillset that could have higher upside than that if a specific
position is constructed around his strengths. I think the Packers may look to give Anthony Levine a shot at FS and look towards 2013 as the class to address the FS position.

Round 6- (#197) – Will Vlachos C Alabama:

Will Vlachos is not going to be the biggest, strongest, or most athletic player on the offensive line, however he's a very smart player who is a tough, scrappy offensive lineman who you can rely on to get the job done. He may never be an elite player in the NFL, however he has what it takes to be a solid, dependable starter thanks to his great technique and his smart, heady style of play. He's a player that I am very high on and would certainly look at selecting in the middle of the draft and let him learn for a year behind Jeff Saturday.

Round 7- (#224) (from New York Jets) – Davin Meggett RB Maryland:

Davin Meggett, the son of former Giant running back/return specialist Dave Meggett, projects as a serviceable No. 2 or No. 3 change-of-pace running back who has the skillset to develop into a fine third-down back, but likely isn't ready for that role immediately. He's not a high-upside player, but rather has enough potential to be a quality backup and role player in the NFL that can help out on special teams right away.

Round 7- (#235) – Cordarro Law DE Southern Miss:

Cordarro Law has the motor, intensity, pass rushing awareness, and polished hand use needed to develop into an effective situational pass rush specialist. His ceiling is limited because of his lack of size and
strength, however if your looking for a player who will bring great effort and has the skills to get to the quarterback, Law could be a nice find late in the draft. In my opinion, Law has some intriguing upside as a 3-4 outside rush linebacker where I think that he could surprise some people if given the chance to compete for a job here; in the 4-3 defense, he projects as a pass rushing end.

Round 7- (#241) (Compensatory) – Paul Cornick OT North Dakota State:

The Packers could look to add some more depth at the offensive tackle position especially if they choose to cut Chad Clifton and with Derek Sherrod most likely to start the season on the P.U.P. list. Cornick has potential to be a solid player but needs to be coached up and refine his technique. At this point in the draft, he'd be a solid pick.

Round 7- (#243) (Compensatory) – Chris Greenwood CB Albion:

I really like this kid A LOT! Greenwood has the size (6'1/196) and projected speed (4.37) to intrigue teams late in the draft. The level of competition is a huge question with Greenwood. He literally shut down half of the field for 3 years while attending Albion. Greenwood also has the type of personality that would make him a perfect fit in the Green Bay locker room, humble, hard working and eager to learn. This kid is more of an athlete then CB right now, but if Joe Whitt Jr. can tap into his potential like he did Shields a couple years ago, the Packers would be suddenly deep at CB.

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