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    An Aaron Rodgers moment that rules.

    No it does not make you a bad guy. It makes you a walking cluster F**** of a human being. I reckon you are either a 15 years old kid, or a 35 year old man who has been living his 15th year over and over again for 20 years. It is OK to take a side, have a little fun from a satiric stand...
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    An Aaron Rodgers moment that rules.

    This makes me sick. That was a clear dig at Brett. Aaron was sticking a needle into the neck of a three time MVP and the face of the Packer Franchise. I hate him. Bring Back Brett. Fire T.T. Fire M.M. Hire who ever Brett wants as coach. Trade AJ Hawk, A-Rod, Chuck, and Justin plus...
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    There Is No Reason To Admire Brett Any Longer.

    Zombie, I could not do what you do and I am not a pro athlete. To me software is a pair of cotton boxer shorts. Hell I can not even get myself my own avatar. Look... Heather is a good packer fan. So are you, and so are almost everyone on this board. The Harding thing is an analogy...
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    Packers file tampering charges against Vikes

    Ok not wife. Boy Friend then.
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    Packers file tampering charges against Vikes

    You can type that again. The only thing this story is missing is a secret affair between Brett and T.T.'s wife.
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    There Is No Reason To Admire Brett Any Longer.

    The second interview. The comment/opinion by Brett about Arron... Saying he can only prove himself by proving himself on the field, He said that? While he demands to start and not give that opportunity to Aaron by demanding that he is handed his hat, and takes the field next year. I...
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    Re-Instatement to be Official

    GOOD Thank God The Game is OVER. Ohhh Not the Brett game. Which is a game that shall be played much longer. I m typing about The MLB All Star Game.... American League wins again. 11 in a row. The ANGELES get Home Field Advantage against the CUBS in October. Now..... Back to...
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    favre interview part 2

    I did not see it. The Greta interview is repeated here on the West Coast in 25 minutes from now so I am looking forward to seeing it. As of right now..... I hope the All Star game ends by that time. I am hoping the American League can stop blowing opportunities to win the All Star game...
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    Famous Quotes

    BINGO! I am impressed. It is a good read.
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    Famous Quotes

    Who said this? "Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it." I wish Brett would have read his book.
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    Is Ted Thompson A Strategic Genius?

    I think Thompson kidnapped Deanna and replaced her with a clone who is now working for him. The clone talked Brett into coming back. This was all a plan, not so Brett would come back but so T.T. could tarnish Brett's legacy because all along T.T. has hated Brett. I saw a black...
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    Brett to attend this weekend in GB..

    After tonights part two of his info-mercial, I do not think he will show up Saturday. I think he will issue a statement that he does not want to take away from the focus of the induction. Perhaps his P.R. machine will have Deanna induct him on behalf of Brett. Nothing would surprise me as...
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    Favre Interview

    1-0 Brett. Right or Wrong about what has been going on here and how he tells it.... He sold himself in this interview to the "Target" audience he was targeting. This was like a presidential campaign commercial. He was targeting the GREEN BAY PACKERS ORGANIZATION and lobbying to his...
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    The lounge is open (Favre interview, 9pm)

    I agree. It should be named "The Tromadz Lounge" Ryan. Change it... Or I Will Organize A Weekly Rally outside Lambeau every Sunday. It could get ugly. Think about it. All of the members of Green Bay's Bar Bouncer Union.... Local 52 of the U.R.G.O.N.E They will be there in...
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    Favre: Pack Should Let Me Play Elsewhere

    Ohh God. That is funny. R.P. Loves "The Iron Man."