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    Record breaking TD

    Q. Who will catch Brett Favre's TD to break the Dolphins Dan Marino's TD record in the NFL? A. Probably Greg Jennings, because he has established a tradition of catching record breaking passes from Brett Favre.
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    can the pack continue

    Q. Can the Packers continue to pass 40 times a game? A. Yes, because the Packers use slants instead of running plays, which is fairly typical in the West Coast Offense, the Packers will not become one dimensional even if all you see on the stats sheet is passing. In fact 40% of those passes...
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    Moll's and Spitz's return turns up heat on OL starters...

    He is a great athlete but his technique isn't good. So you're wrong DH.
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    Jennings and Jones ready for Sunday!

    Green Bay - Greg Jennings and rookie James Jones, the Green Bay Packers' second- and third-best wide receivers, buoyed the spirits of coach Mike McCarthy on Friday by returning to practice from hamstring injuries. Although both players got limited work, the Packers designated each as probable...
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    James Jones hurt...

    Always, the offense will always be a work in progress. If fresh new talent isn't circulated through the offense every year you will be stuck on offense and the players will eventually get older and the offense will start to decline. That's what happened under Mike Sherman, he didn't bring in new...
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    James Jones hurt...

    we are 2 - 0, *** are you whining about? I'm sure you expected us to be 0 - 2 and 0 - 3 after this game. We can't expect to beat the Chargers, they are one of the best teams in the NFL and they beat the Bears, which unfortunatly is still the best team in the NFC North. I'll still be...
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    Talent Just Runs in the Family

    let's not get carried away here, he's a high school sophmore? and 5-10???
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    More Respect - Defense is getting noticed

    Bill and Keyshawn were pretty impressed by the Packers as well!
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    Ryan starting to fade

    and Troy Aikman likes his guns, lol.
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    Woodson returning punts, why?

    I believe one of the coaches said Woodson does it because he likes it and he would like to play on offense as well, I believe it was McCarthy. He's one of those Gung-** guys "give me the ball I want to play I want to do everything!!"
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    Pack has Charger fans worried!

    defensive keys to victory: 1. Charles Woodson and Al Harris will have to step up their game, there is no room for error in this game. They have to play up to their potential and shut down the receivers for Rivers, Rivers has not looked good in the last games. 2. Nick Barnett and his speed...
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    The only good thing about the Patriots having Moss is......

    Moss is a great receiver no doubt, but I'd rather continue our current path and develop our own players, like James Jones and Greg Jennings, they fit our west coast offense better, Moss is more of a vertical threat and we don't call for vertical passing plays that often.