With just signing two defensive free agents, the Packers still lack depth on defense


Jan 30, 2010
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okkaayyyyy....so the ceiling for progress on D lies with Randall, Rollins, Brice, Gunter, Martinez, Fackrel, Lowry. Why should we be optimistic again? Some would argue that this progressive group lacks the prowess to be better. I just don't see it.

at what pt does tt give Richard Sherman a look and say, Clay and Cobb could swap sides for him. Would the team improve? I think it would on D, and give the team a chance at a championship.


Sep 18, 2012
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I think a lot of people are frustrated with the lack of results and that ultimately falls on Thompson. He has "cut corners" as far as building the roster for years now and the lack of playoff success has proven it if nothing else. So tired hearing about injuries and excuses. We don't live in a perfect world and neither do the Packers. Guys will continue to get hurt and continuing to have championship hopes rely in the end on rookies and UDFA's will continue to hamstring the Packers.

Many people will point to the Packers making the playoffs every year as a reference to "success" but it's just a bunch of ********. I firmly believe that many people and I mean many could get the Packers to the playoffs with a generational quarterback and playing in the NFC North. It's time to start getting out of denial and facing the facts.

"Hate" is a pretty powerful word and I don't personally "Hate" Ted Thompson. I do "Hate the fact" that he has been allowed to continue his mayhem year after year with almost zero accountability and in the end it will cost the Packers a dynasty.

As a die hard and paying Packer fan I think that is something to "despise".