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Thoughts About Last Week's Game

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Future, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Future

    Future He did WHAT?

    Feb 26, 2011
    Again, a little late but I had some things I wanted to discuss about last week's game.

    - Sometimes it's easy to forget how good Greg Jennings is. He rarely gets jammed at the line, runs very crisp routes, and has great hands.

    - Rodgers' hard count is dirty. It's amazing to see him get guys to jump offsides multiple times on the road.

    - I was impressed that we played as well offensively as we did. The Bears and their Cover 2 have traditionally given Rodgers a hard time. The two things that helped bust the Cover 2 were a good running game and, the biggest reason by far, Jermichael Finley.

    - I like Randall Cobb's confidence catching punts. He seems very sure-handed and ready to make plays. However, late in the game, he needs to be calling for a fair-catch when we're up by 10+ halfway through the 4th quarter.

    - Grant ran like he did in 2008 and 2009; powerful and decisive. It looked like he had bigger holes than Starks. Regardless, he was the better runner on Sunday.

    - Marshall Newhouse was solid. I didn't feel any drop-off between he and Bulaga. Bulaga's torn MCL will keep him out for a few weeks but I feel a lot better after Newhouse's performance.

    - Jarrett Bush was at fault on the trick punt return. Masthay said that the punt went left and Bush was the left gunner. He totally blew it by not trusting Masthay and it almost gave the Bears a shot to tie or win. These are the kinds of mistakes that we've been used to from Bush and it's still every bit as frustrating.

    - While Matthews isn't showing up in the numbers, he's still making plays. Numerous big plays in the run game, whether getting a TFL or blowing up a blocker. He does need to take better advantage of some of the one-on-ones he's getting.

    - Tramon's return freed up Woodson to return to his normal role. The pass D was better than it has been but not to the level I believe it should be performing at. As I said last week, we need another pass-rusher aside from Clay.

    - None of them have been hard but Crosby is 5-5 and has done really well on kickoffs. Crosby is definitely a confidence guy and drilling all of his attempts can do nothing but help.

    - Jermichael Finley is impossible to cover one-on-one. The first TD, he was lined up across from Brandon Meriweather and Meriweather had zero chance. Finley put on a move on him and Meriweather was immediately 2 yards off of Finley and Rodgers put it on target.

    3-0 is a great start and I fully expect them to go 4-0 after playing a weak Broncos team. The team seems focused and realizes that their goals are far from completion. It's really easy to enjoy the season when your favorite team is this good. I look forward to sitting at the bar with friends and food to watch the game.
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