The initial Limousine Ridin' Jet Flyin' etc etc Mock Draft of 2023


Apr 30, 2016
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Hey gang,

Been doing mocks for a couple weeks now, and wanted to post what I feel is a good draft based on current needs. Some of these guys I've seen at least once so far this season, some I haven't.

Pick 19: Jalen Carter Defensive Tackle Georgia: 6'3 310. Top 10 rated player drafted at 19. Championship Pedigree by being at Georgia in 2021. SEC draft pick. Is he a guy who can maybe move out to DE in the 3-4. Is he a depth pick for a season or two before cracking the starting line up?

*Pick 50: Tank Bigsby RB Auburn: 6'0 213. YES I'm an Auburn fan, but it's not a homer pick for me. This is the guy I've seen the most out of all the players drafted in this mock. If we're looking at cutting salary, and IF possibly Aaron Jones is gone then we need a speed back. Don't let the name Tank full you, he would be a good speed back in this offense.

Pick 82: Byron Young DL Alabama: 6'3 292. Saw him against Texas who is an upcoming program. Was around the ball on every play. At the size he's at probably more of a 3-4 DE than a DT.

Pick 121: Jaelyn Young OT Maryland: 6'6 320. Have NOT seen him play, will see him play Michigan this year. We know Bakhtiari isn't doing great right now. I think Nijman is more of a starting RT or a swing tackle. We need Jenkins back inside. If Bakhtiari can't come back we need someone long term to cover QB 1's bindside.

Pick 154 Will Rogers QB Mississippi State: 6'2 210. Freshman year was rough to the point that 2 years later I'm surprised he's on anyone's draft board. I've not seen him since, I will see him this year probably twice. I see this kid as one of two things. 1.) A backup for when the Jordan Love era starts or B.) QB of the future potentially. Any other Packers fans know of any 6'2 QBs that have had success in Green Bay?

Pick 169: Michael Schmitz C Minnesota: 6'4 320. As someone who lives in B1G country I get to see Minnesota a lot. The one thing I've been continually impressed with under PJ Fleck is the running game/offensive line. They aren't on UW's level yet, but they are close over the last 2 years. Schmitz has been a good part of their success. Are we able to move Myers out to G and have Schmitz play C or do we move Schmitz out to G. Either way Hanson's days are numbered.

Pick 223: (It bothers me to NO end that we don't have a 6th this year) Keion White EDGE Georgia Tech: 6'5 286. Approximately Rashawn Gary's size. Played against lesser competition than Gary. This for me is a depth pick. It's also possible by year 2 he's that opposite EDGE lining up with Gary.

Pick 229: Avery Roberts LB Oregon State: 6'1 234. Made this pick for 2 reasons to be perfectly honest. 1.) We need depth at ILB. Barnes is out don't know when/if he returns. 2.) Against Minnesota all I saw McDuffie do is a John Belushi impression in pass defense.

Pick 234: Luke Musgrave TE Oregon State: 6'6 250. This pick is about 1.) Finding a backup TE or 2.) Finding a late round diamond in the rough. Everyone loves our TEs but can we upgrade or get bigger at this position?

Be interested in everyone's thoughts on this mock.

* - I had an opportunity to draft Bijan Robinson at 19, but went DL because I think the guy I was hoping I would and DID get at 50 would be a better pro.

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