Stuck in Minnesota

Steven Anderson

Oct 18, 2017
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I grew up in Wisconsin. My earliest memory of the Packers? Probaby around 1961. I was five years old sitting on the couch with my Dad watching the game on a black and white TV that was probably 3 or 4 years old by then. My earliest specific memory is watching Bart Star and that group. When the Packers beat the Cowboys in the Freeze Bowl, I leaped up from the couch and grabbed the paper plate sitting on the TV tray in front of me and hurled it across the room, then jumped around for 5 minutes. My mother, never a real diehard football fan, was pretty upset. The plate I threw also included a half eaten hotdog and a mound of potato salad. Amazing how ketchup and mustard will stain a wall.

As I grew older, I worked on restraint during games. I was doing fine until I moved the St. Paul MN 30 years ago and found myself surrounded by Viking Fans. No problem, I found a Packer bar within a few minutes of my house and could escape there on any given Sunday and be surrounded by fans even more verbally expressive than me. Things were fine until the day after "The-Playoff-Game-Against-Seattle-That-Shall-Never-Be-Mentioned-In-My-House-Again." I found myself sitting in the emergency room with stroke-like symptoms explaining that I may been a bit angry the night before. Oh well. It wasn't really a stroke.

So when Aron went down last week I was more restrained. Instead of being visibly upset, I simply texted all my traitor sons and the other Viking fans I know with this message: "OMG. I just found out what its like to be a Viking fan. It's only the middle of October and the season is already over. So sad. It must be horrible for all of you to experience this year after year."

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