Reese's Senior Bowl Prospect List 2024


May 2, 2012
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Many know the Reese's Senior Bowl is easily the biggest senior bowl and the one where the most scouting eyes try and confirm, refine and even the rare change an opinion on a guy as they watch high level prospects take reps against high level prospects.

Will refresh the OP as few more names no doubt change but this is the list of prospects this year below...I'll say this much, if you hear about any iDL or Edge having consistent success in reps against this OL guys - TAKE NOTE. This is an INCREDIBLY strong OL group.

Now these "position groups" are pulled off Senior Bowl's website....they don't delineate edge know that.

Joe Milton
Spencer Rattler
Michael Pratt
*My favorite of this bunch is Pratt and he is actually a guy I think would be an EXCELLENT back up to Love if he fell to like our second third rounder....not that I'm a fan of us picking a QB with any of our top 100 picks BUT I'd understand Pratt personally.

Dylan Laube
MarShawn Lloyd
*Lloyd is a guy I have hard circled as a runner I think will transfer to the NFL quite well and is that late Day2/Early Day3 level runner.

Xavier Legette
Devontez Walker
Malachi Corley
Jamari Thrash
Jha'Quan Jackson
Ricky Pearsall
Johnny Wilson
Brenden Rice
Jacob Cowing
Ainias Smith
Jordan Whittington
*I'm just gonna be honest, not sure why Whittington is here and believe Cowing is a Day3 guy many will overlook but has shown the ability to deliver at UTEP and then after transferring both years in Arizona.

Theo Johnson
Brevyn Spann-Ford
Ben Sinnott
Jaheim Bell
Jared Wiley
*Sinnott is a guy I'm very high on, like I'm fine with a third or fourth on him, Spann-Ford is a guy that if he is there Day3 could easily grow into a blocker role type for us as a "6th lineman" type TE which is not anything like we have.

Taliese Fuaga
Andrew Raym
Tyler Guyton
Graham Barton
Delmar Glaze
Charles Turner
Dominick Puni
Cooper Beebe
Isaiah Adams
Sedrick Van Pran
Javion Cohen
Christian Haynes
Jordan Morgan
Layden Robinson
Brandon Coleman
Patrick Paul
Christian Jones
Sataoa Laumea
Troy Fautanu
Tanor Bortolini
Zach Frazier
*Morgan and Paul have both cemented themselves as top prospects but this could propel them into the backend of round 1 IMO...Beebe is looking to prove he can stand out amongst the best and yet again possibly push the issue that we see some iOL go Day1 and early Day2 like we have been seeing. Overall...this I bet washes out to be one of the "best" classes at Reese's senior bowl in that I see a chance as many as ten of these guys are gone by end of Round2 and easily a dozen of them by close of Day2.

Ruke Orhorhoro
Tyler Davis
Adisa Isaac
Brandon Dorlus
Byron Murphy
Dewayne Carter
Cedric Johnson
Darius Robinson
Marshawn Kneeland
Keith Randolph
Braden Fiske
Laiatu Latu
Justin Eboigbe
Javon Solomon
McKinnley Jackson
Nelson Ceaser
T'Vondre Sweat
*Latu is a legit Top5 draftee candidate and if he stays a participant is going to be the best chance of a defender getting best of that OL group consistently. Watch Kneeland, as this is his chance to showcase whether his athleticism/bend and abilities transcend competition level he saw at Western Michigan or not.

Johnny Dixon
Kitan Oladapo
Quinyon Mitchell
Josh Proctor
Max Melton
Malik Mustapha
Caelen Carson
Ennis Rakestraw Jr
Kris Abrams-Draine
Beau Brade
Andru Phillips
Quincy Riley
Cam hart
Jaylin Simpson
Nehemiah Pritchett
DJ James
Josh Newton
Jahdae Barron
Willie Drew
Chau Smith-Wade
*KAD is one of my favorite Day2 prospects in the bunch, but I'll be watching Brade and Barron especially to see how those two safeties do out there. Also Melton was a pre-college season favorite of mine but didn't excel like I predicted - be interesting to see what he can put out there here.

Tommy Eichenberg
Cedric Gray
Payton Wilson
Nathaniel Watson
Ty'Ron Hopper
Marist Liufau
JD Bertrand
Jalyx Hunt
Jaylan Ford
Edefuan Ulofoshio
*Cedric everyone knows is one of my favorites for 3rd round, but Wilson has been insane this year (his medicals are many though) and then there is solid Tommy Eichenberg who may be the highest floor LB but that ceiling isn't much higher IMO.
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