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Popular choices for Draft

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by GBPack2010, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. GBPack2010

    GBPack2010 Cheesehead

    Feb 20, 2011
    Many "experts" are not correct all of the time but we have to admit they have more info than us on players. This is the popular trend I've seen which I doubt will change much in 2 days. Know that these picks aren't blindly based on need explained by why OT is not picked in 1st round(unless we move up but no one can predict a trade), players of value need to be available to be picked. Would you be satisfied if we drafted like this?

    1st round: ROLB Brooks Reed Alternate: ROLB Akeem Ayers

    Ayers has more potential and is higher ranked prospect but I understand why they mocked us Reed since he plays hard with a tenacity similar to Clay. Ayers can give up on plays, which obviously does not fit Packer ball.

    2nd round: DE Christian Ballard Alternate: ROT Marcus Gilbert

    We had Cullen last year so ROLB for pass rush wasn't as much of a "need" so long as a solid player filled the role. He'll probably seek a higher salary elsewhere after attaining a Championship. Yes I know we have Mike Neal but his injury might affect his play. We just don't know. Talented ROT in case Chad Clifton is injured isn't a bad idea and we move Bulaga over. OL is essential to success of passing game.

    3rd round: CB Johnny Patrick Alternate: RB Taiwan Jones

    Woodson injured his collarbone, no idea how that effects his play. Even if he does have a stellar season we need a replacement in next few years. Why not train a young prostege like we did Tramon and Sam? Ryan Grant I guess you can argue whether or not he deserves $4 mil a year or not. He was also injured and Starks has not proven he can endure 16 game season. Plus who doesn't want a guy named Taiwan on their team?

    4th round(2 picks): WR Niles Paul, OG Stephen Schilling

    Since they're so close with one another, either can be considered primary choice and alternate. Future replacement to Donald Driver who can sit and learn system and plays rookie year, perhaps comes in several plays each game over the course of an entire season. OG who hopefully plays better than Colledge.

    5th round: OT Lee Ziemba Alternate: ILB Nate Irving

    Assuming DE is pick in 2nd round, I guess OT 5th round since no other round offers value. We could use some depth at ILB since Barnett is most likely gone. Again allow him to sit and learn who knows we might be another blue collar hard worker like Desmond Bishop/AJ Hawk.

    6th round: SS Joe Lefeged Alternate: QB TJ Yates

    At this pt they're just giving us picks. I guess it's more competition at this pt rather than any type of need.

    7th round: RB Da'rel Scott Alternate: C Jake Kirpatrick

    RB competition is cool with me. Though I'd rather get a C for depth.

    So if TT were to draft according to the primary choices mocked by "experts", what grade would you give this?
  2. Cheesehead Brittany

    Cheesehead Brittany Cheesehead

    Dec 8, 2010
    does anyone even realize we have comp picks too?
  3. Future

    Future He did WHAT?

    Feb 26, 2011
    He's got the two 4th-rounders in there.

    My thoughts:

    I think Ballard late-2nd would be a great pick.
    I'd take Ayers over Reed.
    Niles Paul is hot garbage.

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